I have been writing this book for a while to try and redeem the Tarot as a metaphysical system which can be used to raise ones consciousness closer to Divinity and give a higher awareness of Spiritual Principles.

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Exploring the Spirituality of Tarot

(A draft book – updated regularly)

Last Update: August 12 2018.


For many years, the Tarot was shielded in mystery and belonged to the realm of the supernatural as it was understood by only a few. As it encountered the 20th century, it moved away from the world of legend into the hands of Psychology and into the realms of Art, much like foklore. It was one of the few tools which could connect the two sides, the mind and creativity.

As quantum physics has progressed and makes new discoveries in the 21st Century, links are being made between science and mysticism.

We now understand more about the mind than ever before, we have discovered that thinking is projected outside and creates our own realities and belief systems to infinite capacities.

The Tarot, used as an ever present tool for consciousness exploration can serve us to know Absolute Reality better, if we allow it.

Section 1 – Theory


It was never my intention to write a spiritual book on the tarot and to make it available for everyone. Initially I had the idea to offer it only to Gay people and call it “Tarot for Gay People”. As Tarot is often linked with Duality between the male and female polarities and indeed demonized by some using the dual morality of good and evil, it seemed right that this marginalized group of society may embrace it as a workable pathway of exploring consciousness. In order to solve the age old question about fitting into the male or female system of Duality. It is this Duality as well as others such as the theological Duality of “good” and “evil” that will be addressed in this system.

After all, it is known that Gay people have been forced to become open-minded as perhaps everyone should be on the subject of Religion. A group which seeks to be understood and searches so much for expression and unity of the two conflicts inside. Gay people even today are often shunned into obscurity except on Pride weekend and are simply not welcome at most conservative churches, at least in most parts of the world, I felt that by giving this book to everyone, it may in its own way be a statement of Love, removing all Duality and offered to those who want to connect with Love. I also felt that by only making this booklet available to a small part of the population, I too would have been guilty of the very thing this book sets to correct: Duality.

As Christianity disappears from our shores, at least here in Europe, the question remains about what will take its place. Will it be simply morals of good and bad? For literally the last thousands of years we have been taught that there is an absolute good and an absolute evil (termed Moral Duality in this book), a teaching which has caused not only wars but opinions which have ripped families apart due to differing ideas. Instead of “agreeing to disagree” we cried “witch” in the 15th century which sent hundreds of people to death. More recently in the 19th Century, we cried “Catholic” and families were split apart with religious divide. Next the Bible was used to kill or imprison people because of a lack of morals and we shouted “prostitute” even though the people shouting were just as guilty by using them. Fast forward to the 1960s and the word was “Gay” and many people were tortured, denied health benefits and were forced to undergo electric shocks to the mind to avoid this “evil”.

I would really love to say that the world has moved on since then, but sadly that is not the case. Today the latest word is “Islam” and another group is barred from entering another country or treated like lepers because of the trial by media: “evil and “good”.

What I am offering here in this book is a system of “good” which seeks to repair Duality. Moral Duality is the terrible conflict caused by our own thinking about another person or thing based on that ultimate opinion there is a “good” and an “evil” both with their separate sources. By repairing this opinion and realising there is actually only “good” we are free to explore each others minds in a way that we can express “Spirit” in our lives.

Finally I need to say that this book does not mean to discredit or disempower Christianity in any way. Religion has been widely abused by Priests and others who have disused it but in the words of Lucy Larcom I can honestly say:

“The religion of our fathers overhung us children like the shadow of a mighty tree against the trunk of which we rested, while we looked up in wonder through the great boughs that half hid and half revealed the sky. Some of the boughs were already decaying, so that perhaps we began to see a little more of the sky than our elders; but the tree was sound at its heart”.

What is Tarot?

Many people will be quick to affirm what you have already heard about Tarot, adjectives such as mysterious, prophetic, supernatural, demonic, ancient, helpful, scary, affirming etc. and the list goes on. The Tarot means something different to everyone and I have no intention of challenging anyone who says the packs are numbered incorrectly, the Tarot came from the devil or that they represent something darker in the thinking of humanity. Each of us is free to think what we want.

The fact is that the Tarot means something different to everyone and these are all based around where the Tarot came from. I have no interest in where the Tarot came from as much as “where it´s actually going”

The Tarot is a system of mathematics, art, science and language which has been combined into a system enabling one´s consciousness to be explored. Now at this point, I really must point out the painfully obvious, by way of a true story. When I was 3-4 years old, I had a childhood friend, her name was Eileen and we used to sit on the grass and talk for long summer afternoons in South West Scotland. One “game” which we had, was to sit and look up at the blue sky and watch the clouds go by. The clouds, at least in our minds represented all kinds of shapes and sometimes we could see animals or faces of people. When a plane passed over we always used to shout “Frankenstein!” and quickly put our heads down or ran to the safety of the trees hoping he would not see us. Eileen died when I was 5 years old but I often remember these games we played. As an adult I now realize that when we saw both the “good” animals in the clouds and the “bad” Frankenstein, we were genuinely moved by emotion, I mean I still remember the fear that came with thinking I was in danger when a plane passed over So to use a proverb “Nothing is good or bad except your thinking makes it so”. The good and the bad were nothing more than my imagination. Both, however comforting or scary were unreal.

I mention this example because many people seem to believe that the images in Tarot actually represent real things either on the card or an image in the mind like situations, people and places. It must be understood that if the Tarot is viewed in this way, you are simply bringing your imagination to life and you could harm yourself by believing in places and situations as either you would like them to be or worse still what you think they are based on your own moral standards of good or bad.

In this book, the opinion is put forward that Tarot is a genuine tool to look at your consciousness. The idea is examined that Tarot firstly represents an Absolute Reality which some prefer to call Spirit or God and that the cards are where your ego or mind encounter that ultimate force of Good. Secondly that this Power cannot perceive material things like your next lover, car, bank account or job because these things are illusionary and do not exist in Reality. Thirdly, the cards and the people using them do not have any special skill or power, but the reader needs to be able to unmask “Moral Duality” which is defined as the idea that there is some opposing force called evil which is stopping you moving forward. By removing your belief in this force, you are then able to see yourself and your situation in a healthier way. Part two of this book has practical exercises to help you see yourself as Absolute Reality sees you, that is as its reflection, reflecting goodness, joy and power, helping you to see past the mesmeric effects of what you are told by both the media and the ideas which are given to you by others, usually unintentionally. This leads to better health, better relationships and creates a spirituality between you and Absolute Reality, where you understand what God is, and understand your identity better. This will undoubtedly mean better physical health also as this is also part of the hypnotic state of life and death which declares our lives are only skull and bone of less than 100 years. It creates a consciousness of an eternal existence.

What is Tarotgenics?

Tarotgenics is a term invented by me to talk about a system of Love and living based on Kabbalistic principles, which if used correctly would offer an alternative to those who do not want to engage in conventional religion. It is not designed to “hate” other religions – it cannot for Religion in the pure sense has the very roots of the Tarot embedded in it. But the language of outward Christianity, Islam and Judaism these days is clearly exclusive to those who “are in the know” about what they are talking about. This system may also be used to sit alongside other religious codes. It will become clearer as we move forward. Tarotgenics is basically a system of interpreting Tarot but respecting it´s background of Divine Communication, Art, Myth, Mathematics, Science, Music, Kabbalah and the many other Sciences which it fits into. It touches upon a Higher Power which we will call the “Absolute Reality” but does not define it as an organisational term. It offers communications with the Divine and the tool it uses is Tarot Cards. It keeps with the original reason why the cards were invented, to heal Duality between masculine and feminine polarities but today, I offer you these cards to combat a Duality of a different kind, Moral Duality: that of the belief in an ultimate“good” and “evil” to bring Love in its Divine Feminine form back to the table.

The problem we have straight away is that Religion is not the only thing which has been kidnapped over the years on the basis of extremism. Tarot has suffered a similar fate. On one had has been taken by showmen and the Circus for fortune telling, to tell us of meeting “Tall dark Strangers” and on the other hand as a tool for psychologists to ask his patients what he sees in the pictures. Two very nice systems for extracting your money. The Tarot is in fact neither, it is a system on its own, linking into three main categories, each of which can be used for communication with the Divine:

  1. Art – The images do indeed touch our subconscious which can help you better understand yourself, far above that of gender or good or bad. In the same way, the powerful statues in a Church can sweep you away in a breathtaking manner.

  1. The Hebrew alphabet which mathematically matches the Tarot and leads us a bit deeper into a historical system which outlines where the Tarot came from: The Kabbalah. That leads to another powerful use, Astrology.

  1. Numerology – which allows us to reduce people and things to mathematics in order to study them – again with its roots firmly based in Jewish Mysticism.

  1. A deep pedagogical structure which allows all of the above points to be studied together, creating a symbolic system with which we can communicate with Divinity.

To begin, I am well aware that many of the people reading this may be very uncomfortable with religious words and phrases and one of the biggest issues Metaphysicists have is how to talk about Divinity without it pointing to things like heaven, hell, and other systems which are just waiting to pull us down in our thinking and trap us in the very world we are trying to displace.

The difference between my system and the others is how I handle “evil”. Like other systems of belief, the Tarot has also been used to talk in such as way about demons, ghosts, other worlds and mysticism. With much respect to those systems, I will be talking about reality and practicality. The mystical terms I use will be backed up with common sense. My system focuses on displacing Moral Duality (already defined as a dual existence of good and evil). Kabbalah scholars speak of demons and ritual. This approach is not always helpful although I can see they are simply trying to visualise certain powers in our thinking.

How does Tarotgenics Differ From  Usual Tarot Card Understanding

Tarotgenics puts forward the following theories:

  1. The cards can be used as a way to communicate with Divinity which in this book is called “Absolute Reality”.

  2. That same Absolute Reality does not and cannot perceive evil or material living and is completely Spiritual seeing only Reality. Therefore material living is defined as entirely illusionary and hypnotic: Believing in an operational force other than Absolute Reality which does not exist. This non existence in this book is termed “Moral Duality” and in general terms is referred to as fake or evil coming from nothingness.

  3. The cards are where our small mindedness, speaking from a place of illusion meets Reality. A place where our fears are dissolved as we realize that we have been believing in Moral Duality about our situation which we bring to the cards. Leaving with our belief about the situation changed which in turn changes the situation.

  4. Whilst patterns of the enfoldment of Good is our lives can be seen in these cards: any day-to-day fortune telling including projections of time, romantic love, what to buy and what to wear are simple mind reading tricks which do not represent Absolute Reality. They form part of Moral Duality which does not exist but which many people believe and have faith in, giving it supernatural as well as material reality.  However by trusting Absolute Reality, it becomes possible to understand and to see the Real compared to the false, This is often mistaken for fortune telling in the greater sense.

  5. Absolute Reality is outside of all space and all time, learning to trust this force Daily in your life ultimately raises your consciousness to a level of understanding about how and what it is.

Why Do We Need Tarotgenics?

It is not a question of needing Tarotgenics, the question is much bigger, we need a way to see through the tangled web of evil to see its “non-reality” when it presents itself. The idea that one man is nothing more than skull and tissue, is the starting point which allows him indulgence in the idea that his neighbour is different and somehow “bad”.based on simple thing like skin colour or more complex opinions. This idea is then taken by the media and catapulted to anyone who listens. As we will see as we read further in this book, it is not simply the media which catapults this view forward, it is part of a much darker thinking process which although non-reality, can darken our thought process to allow evil inside our thinking. It does not even need to have a catapult – it indeed has its own mesmeric ways or working based on the darkened thoughts of man and his low opinion of himself and others. This gives life to the non-reality as part of a larger illusionary process.

The question is then asked “do we really need tarot cards for that, are they themselves not evil?” The answer is no, they are not, they were demonised by certain religious groups for reasons which are unclear, citing Devils and Demons. Divination has been part of humanity´s experience since time immemorial. The images on some cards like the “death” card has also invoked ideas of suffering and pain based on ideas about Moral Duality (already defined earlier) but as we will see, the cards will be used to take ourselves higher, not lower in our thinking. Away from “he said, she said” into simply “being”

The world right now lacks a system that proves good in our lives, a system which does not condemn us. Let me give you an example:

Today I went to a service in a local Church. It is a very old building, gothic looking. It is easy to sense a time honoured God or perhaps hooded monks shuffling around. It belongs to the Church of Scotland , since the middle ages.

Whilst well meaning, the Minister reminded us that we all have limitations and then went on to say how we should embrace those limitations to know God better. Wrapping up with the idea that we are not all supposed to be “engineers”. (I have no idea where she picked that particular profession from).

It would explain why the place was empty as well as why Church is a turn off for most. Presbyterian thinking is known for this embodiment of suffering which you are supposed to just live with. Who would anyone pay/donate money to hear that? A dogma which says “are you downtrodden? Good and don’t try to get up because that´s where your God wants you, to find a gift for him”. If Presbyterian thinking can overlook the first five books of the New Testament and the beautiful healings and miracles of Jesus, then I can overlook and refute the weird Presbyterian doctrine of suffering being God’s plan for me. This type of imposition of thinking upon another person is mesmeric hypnotic and disgraceful. It traps people in disease and leads them to death by something akin to 15th century witchcraft trials. (for which Presbyterian thinking (Moral Duality) was also responsible). I want to think that Tarot card readers have moved on from that, but I fear not. They often work in this web of Moral Duality, just as we ll do, its incredibly subtle.

For me, “God” removes any limitations I have and encourages me to be better. I don’t think religion can be used as an excuse not to search desperately to know “God” better. “God” makes us better, not worse.We don’t have to accept other people’s opinions about our spirituality, health or indeed anything, just because they wear a collar of religion or white medical coat.

You and your relationship with “God” can only be “good” loving, pure and healing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. These people´s opinions have controlled us for too long. Its time to change.

The Tarotgenical View of Desire

Why do we go to Tarot readers? What is it that they offer which we can´t get for ourselves? What if we had an absolute faith that all things were possible to a Higher Power (call it what you like, God, Father Mother, Krishna, we will call it “Absolute Reality”). Can we just ask? I can tell you that your thoughts are already known without you having to voice them audibly to a God or Priest. Or even a Tarot Card reader. Desire is indeed prayer but not in the begging or pleading sense. This is the beginning of knowledge of the Tarot, that whatever you need will be shown to you. It must be remembered though that the Absolute Reality in operation behind the cards does not see time, place, belongings etc. The starting point of Absolute Reality is Absolute Reality. It sees you as its reflection, the perfect being, loved and provided for. It recognises neither lack nor loss, for these are simply illusionary and unknown to perfection. The system is spiritual and has nothing to do with our earthly existence which is on the most part illusionary. It sees reality and therefore has a better idea of what you need, than you do. By declaring Truth, such as “there is no evil” it immediately starts to work through the common mundane problems which you might face. Also by declaring that “Love” starts with unselfish service to another immediately cuts through that loneliness of waiting for “the one” to come and save you. This means that the questions you pose will not be answered in the same level you ask, the answer comes from seeing the bigger picture. So, questions relating to the bigger picture will yield better more understandable results. The actual practice of how you need to interact with the cards comes later in this book. But essentially, the bigger the question, the more clarity that comes.

The cards also remind us that every material pleasure must ultimately yield to a higher self, away and free from material thinking, giving rise to an existence which has no beginning or end as it has no trappings of time. It calls us to look at the affections of our hearts and to listen patiently.

Desire affects all people – it is not an individual desire. The cards (or rather the Power behind them) tell us that Man is defined as one thing, one reflection, we can never be separated from others for we are all “One”. The issue we have with that is that we don´t believe it. Instead we categorize and separate ourselves based on character.

If we could become conscious of what is behind the cards and how they operate even for a moment then we would quickly see what we are: then we would not be asking questions about material love, cars, possessions and other things which we “ask amiss”. The cards cannot give you answers to what they cannot see or know. If we want to be Biblical about it then I can say “God is of too pure eyes, to behold evil” which is a scripture contained in the Bible.

Blind belief is no longer an excuse to not take responsibility for one´s life. “My shrink said this….” “My Psychiatrist said that…….” “My tarot reader said…..” are simply different ways of shifting responsibility and refusing to acknowledge the truth about yourself and the power behind the cards which brings good and power and love to your life at every moment. The best thing you can do for yourself is to see yourself as you are seen by Absolute Reality, a pure creature, perfect, loving, fulfilled at every moment. You can frame that whatever way you want, but the cards move you “up” to that understanding not down.

So to summarize: The cards can only speak good, loving, affirmative views of you and your future for you are the reflection of God or as we prefer to call it here the “Absolute Reality” as we all are. If someone tells you “there will be a death” without transforming that thought into something positive, then you should know that you are likely wasting your time with sensationalism and a bad Tarot Card reader.

Fortune Telling: Debunked

As humans, we hear what we want to hear, so even if I told you that you will get good news and bad news tomorrow, you likely will only hear the bad part, if it over shadows the good. Life is like that, we don´t see or hear anything objectively.

Tarot card reading operates on three levels:

  1. the Lowest Manifested World (Moral Duality reigns)

  2. the Existential world (Moral Duality meets the mental realms)

  3. the Cosmic world or Heaven (Moral Duality displaced)

Let me be clear, there is only in reality: the Cosmic, but we are dealing here not with stages of existence but stages of understanding about where you are currently in your thinking. The truth is though, you already have all that you seek and all that you need.

So, the first point we need to consider is your question in approaching the Tarot. Which of these three worlds are you asking from, if you keep the small minded desires in the first part, growing will be painfully slow.

Lets compare how to ask these questions in differing worlds:

  1. I want a new car?

  2. How can I get money to buy a new car?

  3. How does Absolute Reality provide for me?

  1. My child is sick – will he get better?

  2. what can be done to make the child better?

  3. Absolute reality can heal my child?

All three of these questions are valid but you are asking from different levels of understanding. To get “higher” in your understanding or to use the Tarot effectively, it is very important that you meditate on this point. A good tarot reader should be able to lift your thinking to point three by asking you probing questions about why you are there. He should also be looking to displace any idea of jealousy and root causes of desire.

The problem we have is that many Tarot readers still have the draped curtains the crystal ball and seek a sense of mystery about the cards, by wrapping them in silk and opening hand carved boxes. This creates an ambience of mystery where you feel you are in a situation beyond your thinking. It is not helpful. It also greatly limits the Tarot Card Reader´s work to nothing more than superstition. The ambience is all about the reader in that case, not you.

When you use the bathroom mirror, is it normal to cover it with silk and then remove it to use it? Of course not, so why do you need to wrap the cards in silk and follow silly superstitions about being given cards as a gift, rather than buying them alone. We need to deal with truth, not falsity.

The cards are purely sacramental in their way to bring you to Divinity, however even without cards, a good reader should be able to read the world around himself, or even the backs of cards without looking at them to know exactly what is happening in your questions. We will discuss this more in the second half of the book where we examine the practical ways to use Tarot.

Masculine and Feminine Duality

The Masculine and Feminine Duality has been there since Man became aware of himself. There are many myths not only about Creation but also about Adam and Eve. It is not my intention to go into those here. My personal feeling is that these myths exist to show us as metaphors certain meanings but do not exist as truthful stories themselves. This may well separate me from other Kabbalistic writers, however I do not define myself purely by Kabbalah tradition.

This Duality is not necessarily a bad thing, it has served as a provision for humanity for many centuries but clearly we are reaching a point where we look to this Duality in the mental realm rather than the physical one. We are beginning to see each other in higher terms, in the Existential World (already defined), Evidence of this exists not only in those who are transgendered but also in who we are attracted to, we are now looking for masculine and feminine energies within each other instead of physical masculine and feminine bodies. I predict that in the coming centuries we will be defining ourselves as Spiritual and our being will be completely intact with a comfort of both Masculine and Feminine Duality. How that will look physically, if we still retain a physical body remains to be seen.

I think we have still a journey to make away from beauty and fame which are still regarded as positive attributes, but yet these can never compete with intellect and other tones which we tend to categorise as gender.

How can the Tarot help with this? In part two of this book we will talk about the Kabbalah and how the Tarot is another pictorial system of the different branches of the tree like diagram of the Kabbalah system. Energy or “light” in this system comes from the top to certain centres of consciousness and these centres receive as well as give to other centres . It is this which we define mentally as masculine and feminine qualities although the reality is, we are, as we have always been without gender. It only exists in the First World and the Second and begins to disappear after that as we see ourselves as we really are.

Duality is one issue the Tarot helps to heal as this issue of division raises another point of Moral Duality: about being different from one´s neighbour and as such views like women´s rights on one hand and hyper masculinity on the other are each battling mentally to hold on to one´s physical identity and respect for that identity.

Nationalism and the other types of discrimination we held in the past are all vanishing with globalisation it is therefore right to assume that it is only a matter of time before our gender or our feelings about gender vanish first to create a harmonious being contented with the sexuality, physicality and masculine and feminine energies of ourselves and another which flow through each of us. We have many barriers to pass through before this is declared. The raising of our consciousness cannot be stopped and in these final hours we can usher in the new dawn by rising up to Love in its whole sense, by dealing with the Moral Duality which threatens us by dividing us physically mentally and morally.

We are ONE with each other and we need to work that out with ourselves and others by breaking down ego, sexuality, gender, feelings and particularly this mesmeric evil which pervades us daily by trying to raise differences between us.

This oneness is Absolute Reality´s reflection it is not “reflections” it is “reflection” and this bonds us to each other mentally. We are made to reflect Love. We can do nothing more. Any opinion arguing its way in which is not Love is illusionary and needs to be removed from our thinking.

Moral Duality

The question is not an easy one, it needs an open mind. Everything we have in our lives is classified into good or bad, our health, our loves, our experiences our friends, in fact think of anything and

you will see that it has a good or bad side. Have you ever considered why? Some of us focus on the good, others on the bad and many take things to extremes by declaring the “ultimate” evil.

Particularly religious people who feel they have “evil” written in to their moral code.

The Tarot has reflected this Duality too, in fact Moral Duality is something which exists in the thinking of many Kabbalists and this is expressed in many ways. The Tarot has a job of unmasking it and slowly allowing you to grow. My feeling on this is that its time to heal this age old Moral Duality and to lay it to rest. We do this by seeing the Duality in the cards and then working to overcome it. As we have already discussed before there is only “good” and “one Good” and although a Duality is recognised in a reading, it is our problem, not that of the cards or Absolute Reality. Duality, gender and any kind of non spiritual belief is not seen or recognised by Absolute Reality. We see it because we look into the cards with small mindedness. A good Tarot Reader should not only recognise it, but help you to unmask it. It is the process of a lifetime to see where and how you are judging people and situations by not seeing good, and seeking to repair that. I will give you more practical ways of doing that in section two of this book.

Think of it this way: Absolute Reality doesn’t see anything except its Reflection which is GOOD, heavenly, with no room for evil thought, but the cards allow you to see the Duality because you are allowing yourself to experience whatever issue you have. You are approaching the cards with an open mind, you clearly are seeking some answer otherwise you wouldn’t be having a reading and you are the one who is living with and experiencing the Moral Duality, the cards represent that moment where your mind meets Mind or Divinity and the call to grow. The cards are infinite in how high they can take you in your experiences of seeing where the Duality is and overcoming it. By healing the Duality, you are freeing yourself from small ideas about who and others are, allowing you to embrace infinity as the reflection of Absolute Reality.

So where does this Moral Duality come from? It comes from nowhere, it doesn’t technically exist. We see it because there is a shared opinion in our low level human thinking that there is a “bad” or “evil” force which has power and works alongside good. Actually the good and bad of any situation is declared by us. “I like my friend but he did this…..” We then proceed to use our own minds and morality to become estranged and make matters worse.

What if there was only one Mind? Rather than lots of little minds between skull and tissue? What if we are all part of the same energy and power of the Absolute Reality? In this Scenario, if we define ourselves as the reflection of Absolute Reality, then it (we) is ultimately good. No evil can penetrate there. This thinking reduces evil down to its nothingness.

An example:

” Does he love me?” A dull question all Tarot Card readers face.

This question is asked from the assumption that we are all physical and need “the one” to come and heal us. It is a low level manifestation of the search for the Love of Absolute Reality. The question itself can really go nowhere because it can only be answered in its place of the lowest world, it can’t reach the Cosmic World or even the Mental Realm of the Existential World which we defined before. So, the cards in this case are not being used to reach Divinity, they are simply reflecting what´s floating in your head and it is a type of self fulfilment which goes nowhere. It is this small mindedness we need to work to displace if we can ever use the cards to reach Divinity. The starting point of this question was “there is no Absolute Reality so I need a person to heal me” or from a small minded point of view “I demand to know his feelings for me” and then, like a Presbyterian Minister who has decided if something is evil, and cries “witch” you proceed to pass judgement on the person, adding fuel to the idea that you are both separated. This type of self card reading no higher than your belief and inflates your ego, giving you an excuse to dump the person.

What is the point of doing a Tarot Card Reading if it isn´t going to take you higher than where you were before? You are seeking answers after all, not more questions and your question is never going to be answered on the same plane that you are asking. If the answer does come from the same level of existence then you will simply go around in circles. This is what Moral Duality does, it leaves you where you started, perhaps worse, convincing you that there is no answer to your problem and that you are alone in the world with nowhere and no one.

Evil is not power in fact it is nothingness. But yet it still manages to weave its way into our minds by hypnotic suggestion that evil is something we have to live with, that there exists a force the opposite of good which is managed by a little man with horns and a tail.

As the media as well as the UK and American Governments take us into a place of mind that Christianity (perceived as white people) is good and Islam (perceived as brown foreign people) is dangerous, we are entering a new phase of thinking, something which the world has not seen from a political entity since the time of the crusades. It is not only backward, politically incorrect and matching all stereotypes of the last 100 years at least, it is extremely damaging spiritually, for it raises this issue that evil is “a force” which exists among us. (you would think we would have dealt with this before the 21st century) In that state of mind, all religious extremists on both sides of the fence immediately declare the other “bad”, This could result in war, perhaps one of the bloodiest the world has seen.

The problem of defining evil as a race or country means that we are leaving God/Spirit/Love out of the picture. This is turn means that we, (as in the little mind) are using a starting point of ourselves to define what is good and bad. This mindset is something which has existed in Christianity and Islam since these religions were discovered. Despite the years passing, we still live in this world of “Good and bad”, pushed forward by white conservative Americans who got it from puritanical British Immigrants. Even those who claim to be “Spiritual” still shudder at words like “Islam” because they honestly believe that America is a “Christian” Country and an evil force can threaten it. It is these labels which need to be removed if any progress is to made. Imagine if we replaced words like “Christian” and “Muslim”. For one thing it makes us feel much more comfortable in dealing with the issue. These words have been demonized for centuries on both sides. Even without them, a belief in dualism means we would demonize something else, tobacco, alcohol or strawberry ice cream. More than likely individual people would be a bigger target.

The Islamic world blames “The West” and capitalism for many problems in the word today, where as “The West” blames “rogue states” on certain points.

A headline from the BBC today clarifies my point:

“The Nigerian imam who saved Christians from Muslim gunmen”

Now imagine if that story read

“Nigerian Man saves Others from Gunman”

we would no longer be shocked at the religious context, we would instead be shocked at the fact that a Nigerian could help someone. If the headline read:

“Man saves others from gunman”

This story would be more truthful and palatable and would have a clear spiritual context with or without a religious context.

From a practical point of view, what can a person do to bring about an end to this Duality. Well we don´t have to rewrite religious texts or grapple with theology (although some of us might) we simply have to consider that, whatever excludes people based on physical characteristics such as outward labels, skin colour, gender etc cannot be a good thing. This in turn takes us back to what evil actually is. If it needs to be defined at all, perhaps it is simply our little minds making assumptions from headlines like my example above and coming up with words like good and bad.

There are three planes to think of here:

  1. The basic material plane of Church and Mosque where people meet
  2. The psychological plane of our thinking about these places, and
  3. The higher Cosmic plane where Church and Mosque are no longer seen as places, but a state of mind expressing non duality and Love.

The issues which are coming up here from our Governments need to be dealt with on the first two planes as on the third everything is perfectly intact.

Dropping a dualistic belief is not easy, our forefathers routinely encouraged a belief in evil to explain away things they could not understand like death, murder and other social problems of the day. Today we also find this difficult but it is imperative that we look at it. It does not mean we have to ignore what seems to be unjust acts, but it does mean we need to view them using “a bigger picture” than good/bad. Ultimately though, if we don´t drop this duality, both individually and collectively, the future may become uncomfortable for all of us.

So how exactly do we drop Duality and live happily ever after in the midst of hypnotic suggestion and apparent war, climate change, economic problems and endless discrimination? Well, firstly let me say that it is a daily displacement of lies in favour of Truth, I will discuss what that daily displacement looks like in section two of this book but to begin there needs to be some understanding of exactly how the system works. Here, we need to negate the word “evil” to avoid making this bigger than it is. It is neither person place or thing.

We are not talking about “The Exorcist” we are simply talking about the ego and darker thinking. We handle our belief in it (that’s all there is).

1. The necessity of handling it.

There are many people think that to ignore it is better. We will be defied until we handle mortal thinking, collectively and personally.

Ignorance of error is actually an error.

2. Nothingness must be understood.

the allness of Truth needs to be demonstrated to show the nothingness of error. We don”t just declare, we demonstrate and understand Truth.

3. Error should be reduced to its native nothingness.

Error often appears in numerous ways, Science asks us to see it as “Moral Duality” that is its native nothingness..not lack of this, sickness of that etc. It is the claim of evil, not evils. It is a trap to think of it as person, place or thing,

  1. Understanding error: demonstrating Truth.

When we reduce error to Moral Duality, it becomes the acknowledgement of Truth and Life and shows the allness of Absolute Reality. Uncovering is 90% of the process. Error is the probing or analysis, true consciousness correcting wrong thought.

Deny it and plead Absolute Reality´s Truth, these are the two sides of the same coin.

5. No evil to take root.

Handle it by seeing through it, not letting it in.

It is important to see good and evil as ONE, not two. We distinguish good and evil because we believe they are two things. Nothing and somethingness. However this same argument promotes duality. We tend to attribute to two forces, good and evil. But one is all, the other is nothing.

There are not two realities or opposite states of existence.

6. Transitionary symptoms.

The more we understand Truth, the less error we will encounter sounds logical, however Science demands that we translate everything into Truth.

Often students give up because of a lack of progress, they feel helpless as they watch error grow seemingly, without understanding it often is a sign of progress. The more we work out error, the more we see of it, the more real it becomes.

7. Evil destroys itself.

Urged to its final limits, it is self destroyed, we don’t interfere humanly. The misconception of Life falls back on itself.

8. Suppositional origin.

We still ask with tenacity “where does evil come from”. Simply put, Moral Duality, and where does that come from? We need to see it as a misunderstanding. A false conception, misinterpretation of the Divine Mind.

The question is being asked from a dualistic standpoint and should be negated.