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Argumentation and Reversals

Mrs Eddy gives us argumentation, but only because “this may lead to a spirit of Truth”. It is not actually part of treatment, it is an auxillary to treatment. Arguments are only needed to attune us to the methods of Science.

Where do practitioners get the basis to argue as the fullness of treatment?

Assure yourself…..convince, deny etc” all have to do with human mind, not God’s mind. This is not scientific and is given to lead us higher and for those who need argumentation. Perhaps who are incredibly in pain or elementary students. Its often the closest we can get to truth. Its only there until we can take up the cross and get back to peace and love.

By reversal, We think of the exchange of the objects of sense for ideas of soul etc…

Thought is borrowed from a higher source than matter and by reversal error serves as waymarks to to the one mind “

Butt that doesn’t mean you reverse the error, taking a case, having to name it and reverse it. We are taught to begin with Science, examine in science and realise the error is a counterfeit of Truth not a reversal of Truth.

Reversal is reversing the process which brought the error into being, not the error. You cant reverse nothingness.

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Biblical Illumination

John Doorly said “when I read Science and Health, I know God, but when I read the Bible I feel God” he also compared the Bible to Music.

The Bible ultimately is showing us the illuminations of Mind, perceived by us via allegory. They exist outside of time, and are just as relevant today as always. This illumination takes place at every moment and only applies to its own nature. That illumination is not exclusive to Church literature or testimonies of healing, therefore cannot be held or contained only in CS literature. Fresh and finding new revelation is our duty, daily to take these Biblical archetypes and work with the illumination.

It is the same with us, Man is Mind’s awareness of itself. The voice which says “where do I fit into this”? Is irrelevant and false, propogated by the idea that we all have “little souls” and individual minds.