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A #ChristianScience Rosary

To hear the audio recitation of this Rosary, please click here

In Christian Science, the only possible way to examine the Rosary is with the view that the words recited can help take us to a place of stillness where we can get a clearer picture. “In the midst of me is God”. Words prepare us for prayer by taking us to a place of stillness. It has nothing to do with begging or pleading with a human version of God who demands recitation.

The actual beads of course and the vocal prayers belong to the physical and mental world. The world of good and evil. So we must first take a step back not to see these as humanly good or bad from the mental realm but an instrument or idea through which only good can come.  As a material object “there is no good in it”  and we do not spiritualize it.  This is why the Rosary by quietening our minds takes us to the gate of prayer but cannot take us through it. To sit in quiet realizing the only law which exists pulls us closer. Knowing this truth pulls us closer and sets us free. The Rosary quietens our mind. Nothing more nothing less. 

The Rosary is an ancient tradition of reciting prayers on the beads or fingers. The origins are unclear, some say they came from the days when we could not read or write and had to count on our fingers, others say it has its roots on Buddhism or Islam. Either way it turned into a major devotion within the Catholic Church before the Reformation, the Catholic Church claims it was revealed mysteriously to St Dominic. 


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