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Poem in celebration of marriage in Paisley 28 November 2019

The Harp – by Joseph McTaggart

If Marriage were a Harp with strings
We´d surely sweep a strain
Bringing joy to Paisley town
While playing sweet refrains

We’d play a song on Fulbar road
And at the Bield scout hall
We´d play it at the social clubs
and laughing, folks would fall

We’d play the Harp upon the braes
While young men play away
While older couples watch sunset
the Harp would gently sway

We’d sweep a strain of sad refrain
At Coats mills passing by
We’d touch upon a melody
Where many threads were tied

We’d play the Harp across the track
As cyclists wave us by
We’d play and wait at graveyard´s gates
For those who´ve said goodbye

We’d play a tune right at the schools
The Children would be pleased
We’d pass the Harp to little ones
To hold upon their knees

And at the rail-way with it´s sounds
We´d play a strain so glad
Then leave the Harp at Gilmour Street
For travellers who feel bad
To strain some sounds of happiness
And joy for all the town
To watch it grow with sadness no!
But, all to gather round

And as young men in later years
watch Paisley grow and change
the Harp will say, much more than words
of Love which e´r remains

So next time ye are in County Square
and music, sounds so low,
take time to gather round the Harp
near where the Cart does flow

A strain which sweeps a Lover´s heart
With gladness, faith and joy
And plays its tune eternally
For all who will enjoy

An everlasting song of Love
surpassing space and time
a Love which lasts eternally
Which no man can define

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Paisley Peace Group

Paisley Peace Group is a voluntary group of people who meet regularly in Paisley, Renfrewshire. The group has three main aims:

Acknowledge:  We acknowledge there is a force of Good in our lives which cannot be defined, we seek to acknowledge that good, share it and to be expectant of it.

Educate: The group’s charism is to teach and affirm English as a second language, we strive to offer ourselves as teachers and mentors both face to face and online and assist with the Group’s classroom activities when they take place. Students amongst us are paired with teachers or mentors and fully participate in all of our activities.

Inspire: We inspire our students to believe they can speak and communicate better and we carry inspiration to other people to join us, to become the best teachers and mentors they can be.

Paisley Peace Group is strictly not affiliated with any doctrine, Church, hierarchy or other denominational guideline and is open to absolutely anyone. We do not seek or solicit funding from students and meet our own costs when they arise.

Full training is provided. To get involved, please contact me using this site.


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Auld Simon´s Prayer – A poem for Lochwinnoch

O gentle bell, which rests within the tower;
The clock is wound to guard each sleeping hour,
Upon the Johnshill Brae where birds take flight,                                                              O Presence, Keep us sober, safe, tonight.

O shadows long, which cast upon the gates,                                                                Darkened thoughts of hopes deferred and hate,                                                      Love, illuminate my thought with golden threads,                                                    And give me purer, higher, better paths to tread.

Of youth who drink and dance upon the tombs,                                                    Amidst the birds as sunset hour looms,                                                                            Gentle Thing who always knows me best,                                                                  Keep me here within your gentle breast.

If your old brow does gusts of snow impart                     ,                                                A wintry  breeze does surely hit the heart,                                                                  Love, show me snowdrops during that cold spell,                                                              And fill my ears with dear Auld Simon´s bell.



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Marian Apparitions: Paisley and Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Perhaps one of the least known of the Marian Apparitions started in Paisley on 16th July 1980 – 1985, restarting and continuing in 1998 and 2019,  to a (then) 13 year old boy.  There is a diary about these apparitions which total 24:  Just to make a few comments about it:

The highlights of these apparitions seemed to be:

1.About the usage of the Rosary.

Many times, the importance of the Rosary was stressed, but it was always stressed that the Rosary brings you to a place where you can hear the voice of her son Jesus. The Rosary does not do the work by recitation, but it brings you to a place of peace where you can be more open to hearing her Son. Kind of like a door, the Rosary takes you to the doorway, but you still have to pass through it. It simply quietens your mind and prepares you contemplatively to meet God.

“When you recite the Rosary, I am there with you leading you to the place where you can encounter my son. If you ask Him to reveal Spiritual things to you, He will hear you”.

2.Liturgy of the Hours in particular the Little Office of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which was taught by the Apparition, he subsequently wrote it down and has copied it in Scottish Gaelic.

The idea was to introduce something liturgical into the boy´s life and something which would strengthen the bond between a Mother and a Son. The idea of reciting this again was “to take you to my Son” and not to glorify Mary herself.

“You should try to recite this every day, it will help you to understand how close you are to my Heart and will penetrate the veil of this world”. I will lead you to my Son.

3. A Devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Paisley.

” Learn to Love me more so that you can see my Immaculate Heart. All souls are held within my Heart, even the worst of sinners, I want them to understand this and I call on them to draw close to me”

4.A series of alarms or urges which the boy had, when he knew he had to write, or to go to a certain place  to meet with the Apparition.

5.A general understanding  of  Spirituality and peace and Love for all people regardless of labels and religious denomination.

“I am the mother of all people and I see not their self imposed labels of the world, but their very souls”.

The weird thing about  this is that the Apparitions started behind Paisley´s Presbyterian Abbey (which once was a Catholic place).

Peter asked this question, “why here?” and was given the answer that “I do not see things or places as you see them, I see Love, not division”

“One day there will be a great outpouring of Love by my Intercession as Our Lady of Paisley.  Many will come to my hand and I will take them to my Son and present them. A devotion to me will be established for all people there in Paisley where many will be healed of disease because they contemplated my Love and the image of my Immaculate Heart. This devotion will be crowned every year on October 5th which will coincide with a Feast of Mercy”. 

“When you want me to take you to my Son, you simply have to say a short chaplet which I will teach you and you will be assured I am there with you. You must learn to Love me more. You must not hear words like grace and mercy as punishment, for they simply mean God is with you. When you hear these words, do not think that God is punishing you, for these words mean that he is there with you.  These words are often mistakenly used with a harsh meaning by Priests but every time you hear them, remember they simply mean God is with you. Grace is his Presence and Mercy is what he brings when you encounter him”.

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The Waiting Hour – A Sunset in Paisley

Oh the joy of the waiting hour at sunset, upon the White Cart as she shines her yellow light to say goodnight

Another moon comes and shines on the same river, like two old men, never to meet.

The hours pass and the children play and scream, while the ghosts of the Abbey chants of the night still heard, yet unheard.

The Town Hall clock lends its eyes and chimes the 9th hour,

The young men stumble home from the pub and the old men light up their cigarettes for their walk home.

faded memories of Victorians in shaded statues, casting  long shadows and tales.

Laus Deo – it is done, and higher we are lifted.




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A Poem for Paisley

If all the threads that Paisley made were found again one day.

I’d hang them in the sky with Love to take away the grey.

Upon the gold I’d write a tale of stories from our past.

About the folk we”ve lost in time that’s moved away so fast.

Upon the red I’d see the war and all the men who died.

I’d write the names of all their wives whose tears we left behind.

Upon the Abbey darkened threads of blackened thoughts and crimes.

Of a bygone age of killing men for moral crimes.

Threads of blue I’d give to schools, to teach them peace and Love.

By leaving parts of history, while rainbows hang above.

Upon the green, the Irish woe, migration, war and fear

While London pushes migrants out with hatred causing tears.

Upon the white I’d ask buskers to write their stories clear.

To fill the sky with hope and dreams of music for our ears.

Upon this richest tapestry I’d paint a cross and crown,

To show the world the triumphs of dear Paisley, my sweet town.