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Christian Science and its Encounter with the Tarot

Christian Science on one hand teaches us about the unreality of what we see with the material senses, and the duality which is to be displaced daily, that which is not real. Our mission is clear, to see ourselves not as WE see ourselves but as God sees us, without blemish, sin sickness or death,  ensuring the Temple is restored and Man has his rightful place as God’s reflection. It is firmly rooted in the Christian tradition, restoring the idea of Christ’s healing from the 1st Century.

The Tarot on the other hand appears to represent the very thing we are trying to displace. It nurtures the little “me”. It shows pictures of sin, death, material love and even the devil appearing to give human form to mortal mental processes. One of the opinions of it also claims to  heal duality. Its roots are shrouded in mystery and has no clear demonstration to speak of except perhaps false hopes for material living. Having said that Mrs Eddy claims the language of Spirit is symbol. The Tarot also lets us see what God sees but more as a spectator at the movies and with a starting point which is not always seen as God.

The question is can Tarot be redeemed as a valid system for exploring consciousness?

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