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A very broken window

Two windows in the Mother Church in the North Gallery: the window on the left has a golden Bible. It is complemented with a golden Science and Health. On the right side window, there is a plain circle . This circle represents :

“Earth. A sphere; a type of eternity and immortality, which are likewise without beginning or end.” [S&H 585:5]

In 1994 the Board of Directors decided to place the Church Manual inside the open circle thus lowering the Church to a material level and further away from Mrs Eddy’s science. It may have been an attempt to plant a message of allegiance to the denomination upon conciousness or to link earth to its rule.

I’m unclear if they knew what they were doing, its likely to be simple stupidity rather than an act of demonization. The fact that the original edifice is now crumbling shows the consequences. As Mrs Eddy’s message is increasingly hidden and reduced down to a “belief” or sentimentality, we can also expect catastrophe to become visible as mortal mind runs its course of tyranny, without check.

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Mortals and Immortals 2.

Today´s Texts

The Bible

John 3:5 “except a man be born of water and spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God”

Science  and Health

“the supremacy of Spirit was the foundation on which Jesus built” (s and h 138:14-15)

Principle of Spirit – To read more about how this works in our lives you can read a booklet by Peggy M  Brook (John Doorly´s Secretary) Here


This Bible saying can look like some embrace of materialism but water in our textbook is defined as “the elements of Mind” (s and h 507:3)

Exactly how the Christ works in our life as a power drawing us to higher thought is something Artists have been working with for centuries. That moment of “aha”.

The two schools.

In CS, since the beginning, two schools of the practice emerged about how we should observe The Christ in our lives. Mrs Eddy knew about this but refused to deal with it institutionally perhaps because the difference is fine and has the same result, although it has major implications for speed of progress. Stanley C Larkin tried to address this with the Mother Church (the details are all on the site below) years later however they felt it was a simple matter of history which is irrelevant today but it is relevant, since these ideas pervade our thinking and tells us more about how thinking in the Mother Church changed as the “Chicago” idea moved to Boston upon the death of Annie Knott.

You can read more about it here

Example 1: a sick person approaches the practitioner and is told “It is God’s unfoldment in your life which will take you higher. Look for the good such as the spiritual qualities of care.

Example 2: a sick person approaches a practitioner and is told “its an illusion, get up”.

I think both are acceptable if we look at them as different phases of growth but I don’t see how example 1 can work in our lives well because we are giving power to the very thing we try to displace. The first one may also give an indication that you may die before you reach a higher thought. Not what you want to hear when you seek healing. There is some strange sense of personalisation here. I have seen mainly Independent Practitioners use it but it often begins with the personal self, working up to God. Of course this is not what’s meant, its what’s implied by the language.

The other troubling thing is the focus on unfoldment not on God but on the process.

Point 1 also takes us into chaos theory. where everything is ok because we are “working it out” but neither Jesus or Mrs Eddy took time to heal people over days. It was sudden. Having said all of this the healing in example 2 could be argued to be only faith in the practitioner.

I suppose it could be argued that both examples are showing Spirit, both are demonstration, so is there really an issue?

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CS “authorized” literature

What I really love about the CS textbook is the way it talks to us on different degrees of metaphysics.

An example might be how on one hand everything is harmonious and perfect, implying no need for healing, on the other hand a very in depth account is given on exactly what healing is and what we need to do. It meets us where we are at.

Whilst this is very useful, these varying degrees should not be used to ignore certain problems or issues which arise. By saying things like “Dont worry, everything is fine” when clearly everything isn’t fine in someone’s conscious thought. A symptom needs to be handled.

In my opinion, it is very interesting to see the Mother Church denomination of Christian Science very quickly becoming a museum and library of a 19th century writer. It would be very foolish to ignore empty churches and to say that everything is fine. The majority opinion in this case is greater than the few individuals who may have enough scientific experience to try and work out the problem.

The Mother Church is largely irrelevant in CS as it has nothing to do with “authorizing” science or healing. It is peculiar then that we run to its publications seeking “inspiration” for healing from its self declared “authorized” individuals. By doing so we are giving it an identity of ecclesiastical hierarchy just as a young catholic may run to confession to have sins forgiven, shutting out new or fresh ideas or God with us. Naturally they exploit this by forcing a financial transaction online to give you access reducing further healing Efficacy.

Lets turn to God in his fullness, not a crumbling material building. Be expectant of inspiration everywhere.