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Poem: The Stranger

I found this today among Joseph´s draft papers: Enjoy.

Why search upon the mines of time
Both future and the past
Why cry with bitter tearful eyes
For paradises lost?

What find ye in the darkest caves
In shafts of darkened thoughts
Where fears of death and earthly work
Become your only lot?

And as the loom of human mind
Does weave its saddened thoughts
There comes a Stranger to our sphere
A message he has brought

And with his lamplight on the walls
The shadows are displaced
No more the fears of darkened years
Our minds do penetrate

A light of Everlasting Laws
Eternal, sweet and strong
Daily shines into our thoughts
Transforming right from wrong

And as we learn to trust his Light
In daily paths we tread
We leave the world of shadowed dreams
For "God with us" instead

When we leave the world of dreams
Like Angel's rising thoughts
Glimpses of Divinity and
Holiness are caught

Caverns full of blackened coal
No more dark and cruel
Are stars upon infinite skies
As sparkling shining jewels
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Rain at Jock’s Burn, Kibirnie

(John 5: The Pool of Bethesda)

An angel clad in white winged robes with hands upon the pool

A surge of water gushes forth, clear, transparent, cool

Children watch upon the bridge with raincoats, darkened caps

My mother calls me not to fear, the bridge’s missing slats

Like needles dropping in the stream, rain pierces to the ground

Raising thoughts in Children’ s minds with every plopping sound

And as the Angel, golf course walks, the clouds clear with his step

Revealing brighter thoughts for man with every place he treads

By Crawfurd’s castle, blue skies clear and children move away

Their raincoats filled with water still seem strange in Summer’s days

Shadows clear upon the fields and hope again appears

Within the showers, sunny glades where man has nought to fear

Long after Angels hands descend or sun upon Man’s dreams

Still the pool, it gushes forth pushing all upstream

And on the Minds of local men an Angel dares to tread

Stirring healing loving thoughts upon the dying bed.

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A Mirror

Only with my mirror can I see your Blessed Hand

Never with my mind can I fully understand

Looking indirectly, jewels sparkle in the sand

Through a loving lens, I see there is no reprimand.

Remembering to forget the smaller personal mind

To search Infinitude where lives all mankind

Where Love reigns, where illness can’t reside

And swirls of Love keep flowing in open countryside.

Where acts are free and freedom acts in purest Liberty

No robes of gold nor Eucharist, locked away with iron key

No Abbeys, Monks or lofty towers for the world to see

A Gentle Love does fall upon the Mind of you and me.

Love reflecting Love like mirrors held in gold

And Joy of Joys of giving, without barriers so cold

And stories of Love travelling centuries of old

I open my mind today to let Love unfold.

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The Rowan Tree – A Poem

This one is about the Rowan Tree which was in my Grandfather’s garden in Castle Drive, Kilbirnie It is likely still there.

I wanted the poem to catch that idea that some people  relish the shade but then complain about the darkness 🙂

In the shade of Grandpa’s house
There stood a Rowan Tree
Where my Brother tried to climb
With Rosalyn and me

Every day my Grandpa came
Admired it´s towering boughs
While we as children playing there
Saw darkened twigs and crows

Shadows hung upon his life
With towering darkened power
Yet we as children plain could see
Their withering every hour

Its leaves held back the sunshine light
Its branches stern with years
Sitting with his chair and pipe
It calmed away his fears

Yet we as children playing in sight
Saw only twigs and leaves
Revealing more of sky to us
Than he could ever see

We pointed up at shafts of light
Throughout the darkened power
Whilst he preferred the shaded glade
To pass the wakened hour

We saw sun and endless days
Upon his chair he sat
Despite the passing years it stood
The tree was sound at heart







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Dhikr and its practice (1)

Here, in the coming posts  I would like to discuss how the practice of “Remembrance” has turned into something people quickly run through  fingers or beads as a superstitious ritual after formal Prayer (Salat). I would also like to discuss how this act of “Remembrance” has changed from remembering God into something which can put you into a state of intentional loss of control as a type of hypnosis, usually perpetuated by Sufis in a different setting.

So on one hand it is a superstitious ritual, something people have come to do after prayer because they “have to” (and it seems for some people at least the quicker the better) and on the other hand it has been kidnapped by a bunch of mesmerists who are trying to raise our thinking to an altered state. There is also a rumour that it is permissable to mix the names with water and drink them .There is also the idea that somehow it is designed to “please” God, but yet the word in Arabic means “Remember” not “please”.

How exactly did we get to this situation, I believe it is a mixture or poorly educated leaders, superstitious ideas and misinterpretations of the writing of scholars who have long since left us. After all, a language of classical Arabic is required in order to really interpret things correctly.

May I politely mention that neither of these ways of doing Dhikr mentioned above are particularly satisfactory and I find it quite alarming that one of the Ibrahamic Religions is being reduced down to mere superstitious practices.

Firstly if reciting a name in Arabic was in any way able to bring us closer to God then we would all surely pay more attention to it, despite color, race or creed, than trying to quickly get it out of the way before we do something else. The recitation of the thing has no power or benefit, but it is the act of Love, of trying to be still and be at one with the Creator which really counts, The intention, the art of being still and listening. The names can no doubt help us to that state but the ritual of the thing is only words. Reciting of the 99 names is not even a prescribed act of worship amongst all Muslims of the world.

So how do we redeem “Dhikr” as something which can be actually useful to us? By not reciting the names but actually looking at each one and then comparing it to our lives.

eg. One name is “The Bountiful” –  so, write down what God has given you in Life, what are you grateful for today?

Another is the “Hidden” – where we can ask “how does God reveal himself to us”. How do we see or meet with him daily?

This means we can see not what to “get” from God but what we have already been given, what we already have and don´t know it.  It also helps us to get to know the character of God better.

Over the coming days I intend to write more about this very interesting subject and how hypnosis or mesmerism or any kind of altered state is NOT an act of worship.




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Mother Church: Language and Metaphysics

When a language changes, it affects our psychology and in turn can affect our consciousness. This is a very important point for those of us who are aware of subtle changes which come in.

During the last year, there has been a “drop” in the use of the article “a” and “the” in all walks of society.  Whilst this is not a big problem when talking about our day to day activities, it has major consequences in our understanding of metaphysics.

It is no surprise then that the Mother Church Flyer for the AGM has started to use “Annual Meeting” rather than “the” or “Our Annual Meeting”. You can see this on their phrases like “Will Annual Meeting be Interpreted in Other Languages” and in the intro which begins “Welcome to Annual Meeting” It doesn´t stop there, there also references to “Manual” and of course “Church” without preceding articles. I personally think that although it is fashionable to drop the article in society generally, it sounds stupid, as if words are missing and clearly is being done to imply Grammatical correctness.

The reason why the word  “Church” is important here, is  because the Mother Church is no longer separating itself from the definition described in the CS text book. For example if you say to someone “Come to my Church or our Church for our meeting” you are of course saying there are many Churches and you want someone to join you in yours. It is in effect referring to Institutions. However when that is dropped, you are then associating yourself simply with “Church” and its meaning and metaphysical principle as outlined by Mary Baker Eddy and her definition as “Structure of Truth and Love”.

So at the Annual meeting during their discussions they use phrases similar to “Giving Money for “Church” to move forward…..” implying that the Mother Church and “Structure of Truth and Love” is the same thing. Which it has to be said clearly isn´t. Money has no part of the definition anyway, money could not and does not help the enfoldment of God´s ideas.

After the meeting I had to ask myself:  Is paying thousands of dollars to allow pensioners calling themselves “Board of directors of Church”  to travel the world to be treated like “popes”? anything to do with the definition of Church? Have you heard phrases like “A member of the Board from Boston will be at our service tomorrow so……”

It is my opinion that The definition of Church by Mary Baker Eddy goes far beyond not only the Mother Church but all material structures, it cannot be contained by a Board or anyone else  so to try and link a material company with it is not only stupid but can interfere with people´s  understanding which should be FREE from any material shackle. Whether the Board likes it or not, changing its definition will not prolong the shelf life of the material organisation. It is Church by name but with its property portfolio, investments and sentimentality, I think that it is nothing more than another company which happens to have the name “Church”. It only takes a stock market crash for a company to vanish and there´s certainly nothing metaphysical about that.