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Scottish Gaelic Lesson 3 – Speaking about Islam

Ramadan: An naoidheamh mìos sa mhìosachan Islamach nuair a bhios Muslamaich a’ trasgadh gach latha eadar beul an latha agus beul na h-oidhche.

naoidheamh ninth

mìos month

mhìosachan Islamach Islamic calendar

Muslamaich Muslims

trasgadh fast

gach latha each day

beul an latha dawn

beul na h-oidhche sunset

eadar – between

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Scottish Gaelic Lesson Intro: Articles and Verb To Be

Like many languages, there are two genders in Gaelic, as a general rule, the article for “a” like “a sheep” does not exist, therefore you will not see it in Gaelic. There are articles for “the” (a and am)  but since “an” can have many meanings, such as  common articles, possessive, preposition, question, etc it cannot be used to define gender, these artciels also change depending on the first letter of the following word, my advice is to learn the gender and its accompanying article and keep in mind that before B, F, M or P it will always be M.


The verb “to be”

Tha mi : (ha mee) I am

Tha thu:  (ha oo) You are

Tha e:  (ha eh) (as in get) He is

Tha i:  (ha e)  (as in feet) She is

Tha sinn:  (ha sheen) We are

Tha sibh:  (ha shiv)  You (Pl) are

Tha iad (ha eeut) They are

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Learning Scottish Gaelic – Introduction

The problem with learning Gaelic is no different than learning any other language:

  1. access to material
  2. access to a teacher
  3. access to people to practice with.

There is an opinion that because it´s Gaelic; the language will somehow be harder. This is gladly not the case.  It is simply because there are less people around to practice with.

I am about to launch a Gaelic blog on this site to help with learning which will be called “Morning in the Mountains” since I will mostly be writing it in the mornings here in Scotland. It will be a little bit different from usual courses because I want to try and cover the three points mentioned above. I also want to make the course a bit slower than other courses so we can enjoy the rich grammar and more vocabulary without having to rush through a grammar book.  I also want it to move slower for older people. Finally, I want to use different kinds of materials for learning, Art, Spirituality, History, Proverbs and Experiences.  I really don´t want this to simply be another Gaelic blog, I want it to be something which people can connect with, enjoy reading and get to know.

I also want it to be an expression of my faith. Something a bit more mental and experiential rather than trying to cram in information to my brain. Something which you will like.

I suggest you use these pages in conjunction with a thorough study of “Gramar na Gàidhlig” by Michael Byrne


http://www.memrise.com  use the decks version



Scottish Gaelic – Lesson 5 #Gaelic #Gàidhlig

mall ……..slow.

ag radh ……. saying.

crubach …….lame.

fathast …… yet.

dachaidh …….. home.

do’n bhaile …….to the town.

a’ dol ……. going.

an t-each ……. the horse.

a’ tighinn ……..coming.

Og …… young.

ach …… but.

an diugh —— to-day.

agus …… and.

The past tense of the verb to be

bha mi ….. I was.

bha Sinn ….. we were.

bha thu ……you were.

bha Sibh —- you were.

bha e, i  —–he, she was.

bha iad —– they were.

An-dè bha mi ag obair, càite an robh thu? Bha mi aig an oifis. Bha stoirm againn an-diugh agus bha e uamhasach.