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Major General Sir. Charles Mathew and #Kilbirnie War Memorial

An article written  in the 1990s while in Dublin for the Pioneer Magazine.

What Does Wexford and a small town in the

Southwest of Scotland have in Common?

General Sir Charles Massey Mathew, a celebrated War Hero from the First World War. Sir Charles was born in Wexford, Ireland in 1866, educated privately at Portsmouth Grammar School, started his career in the Durham Light Infantry, in 1884.

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Kilbirnie Loch

Stone age boats and sweetie wraps
Poisoned fish and old mine shafts
Factory buildings now collapsed
And you’re still here to tell us “aff”

Burst your banks and stop the trains
Entertainment for the “wains”
For once near you stood iron cranes
Houses, rows and tiny lanes

Fishing trips and walks to Beith,
Marshland, wellies, colder breeze
Freezing over, wobbly knees
Young men drown nobody sees

Steelwork slag dumped deep inside
Sweetheart secrets do confide
Joy riders drinkers out for a ride
Reflecting back their souls inside

For as we stare into your pool
As brown as beer or stained dyed wool
Reflecting back our wasted tears
And our wish for lasting years


Kilbirnie / North Ayrshire, Poems, Uncategorized

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Last night I dreamt of Lilac trees,

Upon the Garnock Stream,

amid the thorns and briars thick

a purple colour beamed

I thought about the folk who came

and chanced upon this sight

perhaps ancestors, long since gone

left it burning bright

Perhaps a bird did carry it

from far and distant lands

or from a child´s hands it fell

and grew to proudly stand

Or from the Castle seeds did blow

across the glade and vine

to where the lovers meet in quiet

with bodies deep entwined