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Scottish Gaelic Lesson 12 – A´Sgrìobhadh

Try to write something about yourself:

Is mise Joseph agus tha mi a´fuireach ann an Alba. Bha mi a´fuireach ann an flat ann am Pàislig, Tha am beagan Gaìdhlig. Tha mi ag ionnsachadh….

a bheil Ghaìlig agad  / an robh Ghaìlig agad

chan eil Ghaìlig agad  / cha robh Ghaìlig agad

Nach eil Ghaìlig agad / nach robh  Ghaìlig agad






Scottish Gaelic Lesson 2 – The Verb “To Be” – “Tha”

Audio will follow shortly

Failte! – Welcome, in this lesson we will talking about the verb to be. Sometimes  in written Gaelic you might see a little  “´” above some of the letters, we will talk about those later. I have not included them yet.  Continue reading “Scottish Gaelic Lesson 2 – The Verb “To Be” – “Tha””