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The Two Powers

Let us lay the axe at the root of the tree to begin this essay: God is not in the Universe, he does not know the identity you have created for yourself, nor does he sit on a throne above you wearing a crown, robe, sceptre, kaftan and sandals.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us discuss what is our universe made of? The answer is simple. Using the Buddha´s words “your thoughts make the world”, Nothing is good or bad except you make it that way, what you read, what you have been told about the Universe all come together to make quite a tantalising tale of solid (or sordid) material things, of races and people who do good and bad things and ourselves, the viewers idly spectating and judging the game as we see fit. Pity for the dying, judgement for the bad man and praise for the hero. Dreams both shared and individual, bring forth complexities.

Looking through our prism of experiences, we decide what is ok and not ok, in many ways we have been declared gods, in the absence of any real one. Worst still is the idea that we judge in a god´s name. Meanwhile in the darker corners, others are making judgements about us, weaving their way into our minds ideas in some form of mesmerism, whose ideas we have no choice to accept. Subtly manipulating our behaviour by hidden suggestions coming out in illness, sin, sickness and death or who we should vote for. Infecting our minds with ideas of plagues, reducing us to nothing more than lumps of flesh.

Our minds have also created solid material histories and evidences, passed to us by earlier less ethereal minds. Stories of wars and bombs and people who killed and others who suffered. We create reasons for the evil we see around us. Of course the inexplicable must be blamed on god, the old man on the throne or the young 33 year old depending on your denomination who has sent a thunderbolt down to make us suffer. Yet it is our own judgement, moment by moment which makes our world, not some superstitious Godly idea of judgement from afar.

So, it is no surprise then that we have two powers in our Universe. One which supposedly is evil and the other which supposedly is good. Yet, in a Universe made up of nothing more than suppositions, neither actually exist, except that your mind pushes and creates the world based upon your belief of these two powers. Rocked and pushed like a boat in a storm, we navigate between the great good and the ultimate evil, processed and propelled by media, movies, the medical profession and religion. All making up a beautiful tasty meal supposedly called human living. If you are really lucky, you get to enjoy 70 or 80 years.

So what is the answer to escaping then? Do we sit down and negate our world? Do we become judgemental to judge what appears to be judgement itself? Of course there is no real material answer. We do not put out fire with fire, we need a new platform with which to view and deal with the problem which only exists from a certain consciousness or point of view. Certainly the first point is to try to not react to what you see around you. This can be done with even a few moments of meditation every day. Bringing your mind to a point of quiet displaces the cries of a universe and in silence you may re-evaluate situations to see the nothingness of what is probing at your mind. This can change situations as well. Imaging the sick child, viewing him as sick does not help him, but seeing him as whole and healthy and encouraging him to sit up likely will do more good for him than a pity trip that he is sick. Quietness and stillness puts us outside of the human cries and needs, into a place of healing. In this place you find “God” the nothingness of being. It is this space where we find a quiet energy, neither judging nor condemning.

It is Peace, Health, Love and Mind.

“Standing porter at the door of thought” is also good. We can up to a point be careful with what we watch or do. But either way, that is not enough to avoid subtle more hidden manipulations, reducing you to a commodity, a sexually attractive being or something to be loved or hated based upon another´s beliefs about who will save them. Trying not to label people is another way to put out a little fire, leaving room for a quiet non judgemental approach to people we meet.

In silence we find Truth and Love

So, the answer is not in doing, the answer is stepping back to nothingness. We hear this cry from pacifists and those who refuse to fight, in many ways they are right, but also buying into these two powers puts them inside the fire, rather than stepping out of it. We hear from religious people “God is one” without understanding what it means.

Let us not fight today, let us step back into meditation and quieten ourselves. Let us find our oneness.

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Rain at Jock’s Burn, Kibirnie

(John 5: The Pool of Bethesda)

An angel clad in white winged robes with hands upon the pool

A surge of water gushes forth, clear, transparent, cool

Children watch upon the bridge with raincoats, darkened caps

My mother calls me not to fear, the bridge’s missing slats

Like needles dropping in the stream, rain pierces to the ground

Raising thoughts in Children’ s minds with every plopping sound

And as the Angel, golf course walks, the clouds clear with his step

Revealing brighter thoughts for man with every place he treads

By Crawfurd’s castle, blue skies clear and children move away

Their raincoats filled with water still seem strange in Summer’s days

Shadows clear upon the fields and hope again appears

Within the showers, sunny glades where man has nought to fear

Long after Angels hands descend or sun upon Man’s dreams

Still the pool, it gushes forth pushing all upstream

And on the Minds of local men an Angel dares to tread

Stirring healing loving thoughts upon the dying bed.

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Not a God I know

Confined in brick or iron box is not a God I know, reduced to wafers held with gloves by men at circus shows.

And others claim a Spirit near descends at certain times, usually with silver plate and fortified good wine.

Then some say, a devil comes with pitchfork pointed beard, to chase us all around the streets, like Benny Hill appears.

Then others paint a sad faced man who hangs with blood stained tears, enough to frighten hardened hearts to heighten all their fears.

The God I know is found in Love, in silence, peaceful ways, in the innocence of kids, in kindness every day.

I see him in the daily smiles of acts done chaste and pure, helping with a shopping bag or charity for sure.

In the hospitality of coffee with a friend, sharing every friendly branch where two birds sit and bend.

When other’s thoughts approach your mind with doctrines black and grey, with suits and cars, prosperity, do not be afraid.

For Spirit lives within the realms and hears not earthly praise, reaching to our higher selves with kindness every day.

Not in stone but in the act of passing thoughts of Love, builds the temple in your heart, where thoughts come from above.

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For Paisley and it’s Places

Perhaps upon the River Cart or by its dwindling streams

We feel a heart that’s beating power without another means

A power that turns the waiting tide and waters plants and flowers

Turning students to their books in every waitng hour

A power that lights the morning dawn and dusk a gentle glow

A power that hold each swan intact as waters gently flow

A guiding light which simply “Is” with no demands on man

While preachers loudly scream and shout that all the folk are damned

A power that needs no words nor praise to move within it’s place

For it has the world for man to feel it’s gentle guiding pace

And if by chance an apple tree should spring in Barshaw Park

Or nestling feathers after flight, you see a morning lark

Look upon its shining beak or feathers black and pure

Worship not the image, mind, but the power that it endures

And when the apple tree no more, holds up it’s greenish fruit

Look toward the power in Life for all things absolute

Only the real stands up to time, with majesty and robes

All else disappears from sight, with pain and anxious throws

And so the real in everything is found not in the clay

But in the power of Life itself which opens up the day

Dwell not in things which are not real but look behind the eyes

There you find the real idea of all that Love implies

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Poem for #Kilbirnie

Perhaps nearby the Walker Hall or up at Jacob´s well

a random act of kindness comes from strangers who can tell?

Perhaps a gentle smile when all is grey and bland

A man in Tesco car park, who gives a helping hand?


The face of God is ne´er seen by looking to the sky

or pleading with an unseen God to ask the question “why”

But in the smaller random acts, of hope and gentle charm

Music springs from little things which keep us from all harm


And if by chance we cannot see the goodness in Schoolwynd

Let us play the Harp we think is somehow left behind

From Cochrane Street to  Loadingbank it doesn´t take a while

to offer random kindness acts or give a sincere smile


He does not see the cries and woes of bitter words well meant

He does not know the mental wounds of times much better spent

He knows only Peace and Love and wholeness of our Soul

Far above the human clouds where Man is free to Go


In Glasgow Street or Ladeside Vale, perhaps in Dalry Road

A Mind can freely choose to live in  mental sweet abode

Far above the darting arrows, foes and kin at war

There is a place, another Mind for mankind to explore


Found in silence, ne´er in hate, a Harp string sound does come

Taking man to far above from words and human glum

If Angel´s are His thoughts indeed of swirling pools of Love

Let them take us anytime to consciousness above.


In silence comes the lyre harp of goodness Peace and Love

A state of mind but Heaven is, so take yourself above

To where no siblings voices fight or hatred´s idle dreams

Free yourself from earthly ties however fair they seem












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An Unfinished Poem,

Gently on piano keys or,
strung upon the harp,
strummed upon the guitar strings or
words said from the heart,

A colder breeze in winter time
or withered flowerless briar
all are made to break your dreams
and draw your thoughts much higher

An Ocean beach in times more calm
At home with people stern
A tempest storm or healing balm
Higher thoughts that you must learn

Ne´er upon life´s empty shores
no matter how it seems
For going to reach a better place
you have to break the dream