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This has to be one of the most misunderstood points of religion. We have all had moments where we cry out to God and nothing happens….many people who are left disappointed walk away: for them they say “it doesnt work”.

But what if prayer only flows one way, Love which flows down, not petitions up. If we are provided for, with everything, we need to look around and see it, not look up and plead for it.

That doesnt mean that human prayer is useless, even though our prayers are not heard by a superhuman man on a throne, our pleading and yearning does serve a purpose, it prepares us to realise the answer, to open our minds to wait or to see for the gentle answer which is revealed to us not given to us anew.

The Christian science movement does not allow any vocal prayer directed at a “perhaps or maybe,” God because God is defined as being without a Godhead….there is no Deity or person to pray to. The idea is these types of prayers lower God to something manlike, not raising us up to something Godlike.

Sadly I have lost many friends over the years who cannot understand why I dont completely abandon organised religion. People who feel that Catholicism is a waste of time as tha Deity is supposedly a being who makes decisions based on his mood that day. But yet listening to Science and Health and Bible recitations at a CS service has to be one of the dullest services on the face of the planet and then there is the money and the board meetings, mind games and fights. The truth is that Catholicism cannot escape Liturgy, they are trapped by it and CS services are locked into a victorian style service which also cannot be changed.

Yet God does not see denomination, he doesnt see Christian Science and another church called presbyterian or whatever, he does not have a Godhead to conceive such trivial man made divisions, He is Love.

We should never mistake organised religion for God nor should we write off vocal prayer as simply useless. Both have their purposes they help us to feel we are doing something, at the same time helping a community to grow.