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Questions on Healing


If  I ask you to pray for me or to work on my health condition – and you are away or do not see my Email and I am healed, surely you cannot say that any action of yours or of Christian or Spiritual healing actually helped in this case. Was it not just natural cause and effect as well as time which made the healing?


It is not my brain which causes the healing in fact “I” in the personal sense has nothing to do with the healing. My brain does not heal you and does not need to know about your case, therefore your reaching out to me is reaching out to the larger sense of “I” which is Spirit. So you were healed.

Spirit does not see denomination and does not know words like Christian Science, illness, death, these are human terms to describe experience. What you describe as natural cause and effect would be described in metaphysical terms as a false belief that time or the mortal body heals itself. This may give you a sense of relief but the illness is then free to come back, for it still exists for you or another in your experience to contract it.  Science works to eliminate the belief of disease which in turn eliminates the disease itself.  Science in this case meaning Spirit.

I have noticed that some people in the healing profession often write phrases like “The time I healed….” or “when I healed John of something” – not only are these phrases dangerous because of pride but they give a false idea that a person is responsible for healing another and that can never be correct and produces a form of mesmerism that some individuals have power to heal whereas others do not.

Healers spends time daily in silence declaring the presence of Spirit and of It´s perfection daily – it is the negation of his brain faculties and thinking which produces healing – not academia or indeed your request. God does not see your request either – the Practitioner or person assisting simply helps you to see you are whole. But that revelation of wholeness can speak to you directly too – if you listen for it. If a person takes any responsibility for a healing, it must only be to gracefully say “God or Spirit healed that person… of…. ” and even those words can only be used to describe the human experience of healing, for God always has and always will see you as complete.