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Scottish Gaelic Lesson 1 – Basic Sentence Structure

Tha an la fuàr  (pronounced fooar)

You can see here a literal translation “Is the day cold”

Tha – is

an – the

la – day

fuàr  – cold

This is a great sentence to explain the word order of Gaelic. Verb first, subject and then the other bit .

Tha mi fuàr  – I am cold

A good exercise for today would be to sit down with a Gaelic dictionary and try to make new sentences with the verb “to be”. As your knowledge gets better we can revisit those later. Try to write some descritions of yourself or of people you know.

Tha mi Caraid (Caritsh) I am a friend. You will notice that there is no “a” in the Gaelic but I put this into the English translation. The “a” as an article before a noun does not exist in Gaelic.  It nly exists  when we use “the” like the example “Tha an la fuàr”. We can see “an”. We will talk more about that later.

Tha e saighdear (sy-tshir) he is (a) soldier.

These are simple sentences and we will make them more complex as we continue but right now, I want to keep it simple for a while until you understand the basics and get some vocabulary.