Longing for peace. From #divineoffice midmorning #prayer #catholic

Psalm 119.(120)

{119:1}cried out to the Lord, and he heard me.
{119:2} O Lord, free my soul from lips of iniquity and from the deceitful tongue.
{119:3} What will be given to you, or what will be added to you, for a deceitful tongue?:
{119:4} the sharp arrows of the powerful, along with the burning coals of desolation.
{119:5} Woe to me, for my sojourning has been prolonged. I have lived with the inhabitants of Kedar.
{119:6} My soul has long been a sojourner.
{119:7} With those who hated peace, I was peaceful. When I spoke to them, they fought against me without cause.