About this Site

I have created this site for a number of reasons:

Firstly, To connect people across the world with  news and thoughts.

Secondly, I have a love for the Divine Office liturgy and I hope to publish some of the daily prayers here. At present Compline is available and from there you can see my work on this.

I will post compline prayers (and additional resources and info) daily and hopefully other prayers in the future. As certain versions of the Bible and Psalms are copyrighted, I have to use the Catholic Public Domain Bible at sacredbible.org. Pjjlease see my blog for further updates or if you have any questions please Write to me.

Thirdly , I have a love for Catholic art, devotions, liturgy and practice which I want to write about here as well as sharing my poetry and hymns which I have written.

For more information or to be kept informed about this site simply send an Email with the word “subscribe” in the header.