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This has to be one of the most misunderstood points of religion. We have all had moments where we cry out to God and nothing happens….many people who are left disappointed walk away: for them they say “it doesnt work”.

But what if prayer only flows one way, Love which flows down, not petitions up. If we are provided for, with everything, we need to look around and see it, not look up and plead for it.

That doesnt mean that human prayer is useless, even though our prayers are not heard by a superhuman man on a throne, our pleading and yearning does serve a purpose, it prepares us to realise the answer, to open our minds to wait or to see for the gentle answer which is revealed to us not given to us anew.

The Christian science movement does not allow any vocal prayer directed at a “perhaps or maybe,” God because God is defined as being without a Godhead….there is no Deity or person to pray to. The idea is these types of prayers lower God to something manlike, not raising us up to something Godlike.

Sadly I have lost many friends over the years who cannot understand why I dont completely abandon organised religion. People who feel that Catholicism is a waste of time as tha Deity is supposedly a being who makes decisions based on his mood that day. But yet listening to Science and Health and Bible recitations at a CS service has to be one of the dullest services on the face of the planet and then there is the money and the board meetings, mind games and fights. The truth is that Catholicism cannot escape Liturgy, they are trapped by it and CS services are locked into a victorian style service which also cannot be changed.

Yet God does not see denomination, he doesnt see Christian Science and another church called presbyterian or whatever, he does not have a Godhead to conceive such trivial man made divisions, He is Love.

We should never mistake organised religion for God nor should we write off vocal prayer as simply useless. Both have their purposes they help us to feel we are doing something, at the same time helping a community to grow.

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Poem About The Bing (Fudstone, Kilbirnie)

The bing was a huge mound of gravel and stone which was left there after the housing estate was built in the 1950s. It was replaced with a kids play area in the 1980s. The other Warriors bing in the Largs Hills was presumably called that because of where the Battle of Largs took place,

O the years upon the bing, with cousin Margaret children played,

Climbing up with all our power by Newhouse drive where people stayed,

Amid the thorns and grey cement there seemed a moment, time well spent,

And sliding down the gravel slope, I skinned my knees without a hope,

My grannie waiting at the door, with borax, plasters by the score.

O the hills we thought were steep, when now an older life we keep,

Mountains, slopes upon our minds, perhaps a bing of different kind,

Climbing o’er our darker thoughts, just like the thistles we did trod,

Lessons from the bing well learnt, of my granny’s soothing balm

O how that Love returns to me, and brings with it a sense of calm,

And behind the trees sat Warrior’s bing, perhaps a sign of future years,

With bigger slopes and hills to climb amid the darker fading years.

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We live in what some might call a very patriarchal culture. It seems that politics and governance are in the first place controlled by men and where things are not controlled by men, there seems to be a discrepancy with how much women are paid compared to men doing the same job. It is almost instilled into us that the outward parts of society are controlled and played out by men.

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Unity and Oneness

The human mind tends to break itself up into different parts, allowing us to only glimpse things through very small ideas or mental images. It does not quite give us the full picture of Divinity with us. It has been created from the dust (false opinions) and cannot represent who we really are or what we are. These false sparks often lead to judgement of others and allow us to be gods over a kingdom where we believe good and evil exist for our sole purpose to sit in judgement. Creating a world for ourselves far more devious and complex than the one before with each judgement reaching out like tentacles touching those around us. A world of illusion based on hearsay, time honoured beliefs and simply false conclusions.

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Catholicism and Christian Science

Like most 19th Century Churches, Christian Science has been unwilling or unable to find any kind of tolerance or good within Catholicism. Part of the reason is because of the timeframe from which CS emerged. Catholicism in those days was not the Catholicism of today. It was before the modernisation of the Church in the 60s with Vatican II and indeed Vatican I had just ran from 1869-1870 with it´s best known decision to declare the Pope infallible. There were many reasons to dislike it in those days, both politically and socially.

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The Problem of words like “God”

The problem of using the word “God” is that it reminds us of the God we were taught about as children, this all powerful guy who decides if he likes our behaviour. Then heaven and hell follows. This type of God is what atheists reject and who can blame them?

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