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Moral Duality

Moral Duality

The question is not an easy one, it needs an open mind. Everything we have in our lives is classified into good or bad, our health, our loves, our experiences our friends, in fact think of anything and you will see that it has a good or bad side. Have you ever considered why? Some of us focus on the good, others on the bad and many take things to extremes by declaring the “ultimate” evil. Continue reading “Moral Duality”

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Masculine and Feminine Duality

Masculine and Feminine Duality

The Masculine and Feminine Duality has been there since Man became aware of himself. There are many myths not only about Creation but also about Adam and Eve. It is not my intention to go into those here. My personal feeling is that these myths exist to show us as metaphors certain meanings but do not exist as truthful stories themselves. This may well separate me from other Kabbalistic writers, however I do not define myself purely by Kabbalah tradition.

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Shining Tribe

I have been taking a class on Jewish mysticism, taught by a brilliant man named Robert Micha’el Esformes. He mentioned recently that Hebrew had two words for “why,” one for how things came to be, and the other for what is their reason or purpose. I was so struck by this that I wrote the following short essay.

Thoughts on “Why”
Rachel Pollack

Those of us of a certain age may remember the old-time comic, “Professor” Irwin Corey. Corey would come onstage wearing a shabby, ill-fitting tuxedo and high-top basketball shoes. Then he would spout pompous nonsense.

When he appeared on television, such as the Tonight Show, where he could sit down with the host, they would go through a set routine. Johnny Carson would ask “Why do you wear sneakers?’ The professor would draw himself up and proclaim, “You pose a two-part question! ‘Why?’ has…

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