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The Purpose of Ritual

We can see that every person has their rituals. From getting up at a certain time, to shopping on a certain day and then we have religious rituals of praying, going to the Church, Temple or Mosque at designated times.

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The Problem of words like “God”

The problem of using the word “God” is that it reminds us of the God we were taught about as children, this all powerful guy who decides if he likes our behaviour. Then heaven and hell follows. This type of God is what atheists reject and who can blame them?

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Truth: Not an active principle.

Truth is not something you can simply decide applies in a situation. No amount of affirmation or getting on your knees will change that.

Truth of any situation needs to be realised and it is the realisation which we can truly call Prayer.

Realisation happens when we contemplate or meditate to allow that realisation to take control of us regarding a specific scenario. Truth is not defined as a local truth, it is defined as a universal Truth about who we really are.

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Is Religion and Meditation the same?

Was religion simply an outgrowth of meditation?

It would seem that many religious ideas and beliefs cannot be taken literally. We see Catholics Muslims and Buddhists carrying beads and chanting their rosaries, and we see strange illusive ceremonies such as the Holy Mass, or Islamic Prayer which frankly to an onlooker seems very strange. Could it be that the original instructions for all of these things were not to cause a state of meditation but to bring us to a point where we could meditate if we chose to do so? In other words, to quieten our minds so we can hear Love speak to us?

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Paisley Abbey New Minister Installation October 2021

A poem for the Installation of the New Minister Elspeth McKay.

The first Abess in Cloister´s grove, forcing change as Love demands

The poisoned chalice passed in sight, yet Love demands she does not drink.

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