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Poem: The Stranger

I found this today among Joseph´s draft papers: Enjoy.

Why search upon the mines of time
Both future and the past
Why cry with bitter tearful eyes
For paradises lost?

What find ye in the darkest caves
In shafts of darkened thoughts
Where fears of death and earthly work
Become your only lot?

And as the loom of human mind
Does weave its saddened thoughts
There comes a Stranger to our sphere
A message he has brought

And with his lamplight on the walls
The shadows are displaced
No more the fears of darkened years
Our minds do penetrate

A light of Everlasting Laws
Eternal, sweet and strong
Daily shines into our thoughts
Transforming right from wrong

And as we learn to trust his Light
In daily paths we tread
We leave the world of shadowed dreams
For "God with us" instead

When we leave the world of dreams
Like Angel's rising thoughts
Glimpses of Divinity and
Holiness are caught

Caverns full of blackened coal
No more dark and cruel
Are stars upon infinite skies
As sparkling shining jewels
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No surprises.

It is of no surprise to me that there are so many athiests around. I found myself using words in my head trying to call out to the “guy in the sky” today. Of course these things simply allow me to be open to getting a reply but its not supposed to be used as an online complaints portal. Its just so that I can be expectant of a reply, to wait and to hear. I need to remember Love, (God) is Spirit.

These days I am becoming more aware of material living. The sheer amounts of money passing around me yet having nothing to do with me… I am told I must receive a vaccine booster. The cost to me is free, yet money moves above me and around me at every turn from the office receptionist to the government payment to the owners, investors and of course to the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical companies each paid because I said “yes”.

I am a cog in a machine which they will remove when they find a faster way to get cash.

I am called to redeem that view,  somehow to make it metaphysical, we all are and I think we all know something isn’t right. But isn’t right with what?

Many Churches cash in on the fact that Mary said “yes” at the Annunciation. Yet Churches at a local level simply “Love” and dont really care about where the Denomination invests money. Do they need to?

A song suddenly popped into my mind “Going Nowhere” by Lena Zavaroni. The lyrics say that ” and we’re asked to hold the world together, make it happen, give it Children who in turn are going nowhere.”

I have no choice over the vaccine booster, if I dont take it they will stop me from travelling, and its looking like in the future we will have no choice in this matter.

It is clear that the cold opinions of regulation which are enshrined in our laws dominate us so I will do what they ask of me.

A smile or kind word from the nurse at the time of injection redeems the whole system into something joyful, for “Love is the window through which we see God” (St Augustine).

I returned home from London last night. All is well.

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Paddington at Night

Today, I’m so grateful to be walking around London. Last night I went to a favourite place just behind the post office in Paddington. Its like a canal with modern apartment blocks towering into the distance.

I remember the nights sitting there, waiting, contemplating and thinking something HAD to happen in my very mundane life. The lights in the very high apartment blocks switched on and off like a 70s disco checked floor.

These lights reminded me that someone was still living. Also it reminded me just what a lonely place cities can be.

While walking around, the hymn “All is well” came to me and has stayed with me, reminding me there is nothing to fear.

There is a great peace, yet a slight sadness in that place.

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Remembering Abdur Razak


One thing I always loved about Arab people is their culture. They have the innocence of Children yet the tenacity of hope. Unlike us, very cynical brits.

On the corner of Edgware Rd and Sussex Gardens London W2 during the 2000’s Abdur Razak from Libya was always on this corner defending Islam. It was a summer mission post for Christians to offer free resources to the Arabs and it became a great place to exchange thoughts and religious ideas.

As the Christians had set up a book stall, Muslims set up their own table to defend Islam right next to it.

He went on to preach at Speakers Corner every Sunday but his voice changed after an operation.

After the 2006 tube bombings, the tables vanished. The picture shows that large empty space. In these covid years its unlikely they will ever return.

I never knew what happend to Abdur Razak, maybe someone can tell me.

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1 John 8-10

There are numerous Bible quotes about being “perfect”. But the above reminds us that human thinking is not perfect.

“Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven….”. Is another one.

Many of these texts have been used to hurt us by the judgement of the Church and by the judgement of others. They discovered we weren’t perfect in their eyes.

Much of the new testament was written to encourage people, the letters and epistles often directly told about unrest, politics and bitter battles between “the saints” on issues they were called to leave, such as circumcision or the differences between Peter and Paul.

Human life can never be perfect, and clearly it never was.

We find the Divine, moment by moment, listening to the still small voice

Redemption in the literal sense should raise us higher, yet clearly it didn’t for the early Saints or for us.

We are redeemed only as we grow into our new identity and no amount of wishing it will make it happen quicker.

In the silence we hear Him, that gentle voice telling us “all is well”. Let us not beat ourselves because of a lack of human perfection, let us claim our reality. Love