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The Claim of loss

Yesterday, I realised that my bank card was missing. Within a few hours it was clear it had been used and my account was missing £200.00.

It was interesting how this manifested, my initial thoughts were to say that if someone had wanted 200 pounds its likely I would have given it to them If they asked me,they didn’t have to steal a strangers bank card to get it.

Those thoughts soon became a bit darker as duality set in. Good person, bad man, My money taken away. I noticed a sense of hysteria setting in and quickly made a decision not to discuss this with anyone.

A few helpful thoughts came, firstly, the money isn’t MY money, provision is not mine, with or without the evidence of cash in my bank account I am provided for. I am simply the steward for whatever comes my way.

Secondly, there is no bad man, good man scenario, despite conjectures and possibilities, the truth is I don’t know the circumstances of the dear one who used it. If indeed it was a person or technology bot or whatever.

Thirdly from a scientific view, there is no “money” nor bank accounts or indeed good or bad. These things need to be translated into Science to see provision,

money: evidence of provision,

bank accounts: safeguarding and assurance of provision.

When the Christ meets these earthly views, it prods them until they vanish, engulfed with goodness as true definitions become clear and the nothingness vanishes. So there is no losing money, only losing old views.

The bank called me before I called them, they recognised fraudulence and immediately refunded the cash.

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Argumentation and Reversals

Mrs Eddy gives us argumentation, but only because “this may lead to a spirit of Truth”. It is not actually part of treatment, it is an auxillary to treatment. Arguments are only needed to attune us to the methods of Science.

Where do practitioners get the basis to argue as the fullness of treatment?

Assure yourself…..convince, deny etc” all have to do with human mind, not God’s mind. This is not scientific and is given to lead us higher and for those who need argumentation. Perhaps who are incredibly in pain or elementary students. Its often the closest we can get to truth. Its only there until we can take up the cross and get back to peace and love.

By reversal, We think of the exchange of the objects of sense for ideas of soul etc…

Thought is borrowed from a higher source than matter and by reversal error serves as waymarks to to the one mind “

Butt that doesn’t mean you reverse the error, taking a case, having to name it and reverse it. We are taught to begin with Science, examine in science and realise the error is a counterfeit of Truth not a reversal of Truth.

Reversal is reversing the process which brought the error into being, not the error. You cant reverse nothingness.

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Handling Mortal Thinking

Here, we need to negate the word “evil” to avoid making this bigger than it is. It is neither person place or thing.

We are not talking about “The Exorcist” we are simply talking about the ego and darker thinking. We handle our belief in it (that’s all there is).

Mrs Eddy deals with the issue logically, assuring us of its nothingness. However in the denomination people make too much of, too little of it or simply fail to see through it.

1. The necessity of handling it.

There are many people think that to ignore it is better. Even Mrs Eddy went through this when she said in Misc writings that “error defied her”. We will be defied until we handle mortal thinking, collectively and personally.

It would be good to re-read the Bible story of “handling” the serpent , Moses had to “take it up” at which point it became a rod again.

Ignorance of error is actually an error.

2. Nothingness must be understood.

the allness of Truth needs to be demonstrated to show the nothingness of error. We don”t just declare, we demonstrate and understand Truth.

3. Error should be reduced to its native nothingness.

Error often appears in numerous ways, Science asks us to see it as “mortal mind” that is its native nothingness..not lack of this, sickness of that etc. It is the claim of evil, not evils. It is a trap to think of it as person, place or thing,

4. Understanding error: demonstrating Truth.

When we reduce error to mortal mind, it becomes the acknowledgement of Truth and Life and shows the allness of God. Uncovering is 90% of the process. Error is the probing or analysis by the Christ, true consciousness correcting wrong thought.

Deny sin and plead God’s allness are the two sides of the same coin.

5. No evil to take root.

Handle it by seeing through it, not letting it in.

It is important to see good and evil as ONE, not two. We distinguish good and evil because we believe they are two things. Nothing and somethingness. However this same argument promotes duality. We tend to attribute to two forces, good and evil. But one is all, the other is nothing.

There are not two realities or opposite states of existence.

6. Transitionary symptoms.

The more we understand Truth, the less error we will encounter sounds logical, however Science demands that we translate everything into Truth.

Often students give up because of a lack of progress, they feel helpless as they watch error grow seemingly, without understanding it often is a sign of progress. The more we work out error, the more we see of it, the more real it becomes.

7. Evil destroys itself.

Urged to its final limits, it is self destroyed, we don’t interfere humanly. The misconception of Life falls back on itself.

8. Suppositional origin.

We still ask with tenacity “where does evil come from”. Simply put, Mortal Mind, and where does that come from? We need to see it as a misunderstanding. A false conception, misinterpretation of the Divine Mind.

The question is being asked from a dualistic standpoint and should be negated.

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In The Beginning….

א  בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

Transliterated: Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve’et ha’aretz.

(In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth)

This is the original text from  Hebrew of Genesis 1:1.It consists of 7 words and 28 letters which cross references with Mrs Eddy´s mathematical principle of 7, 4.

to recap:

As she discovered her system more, the Bible became prominent as she discovered the Science and expanded on its idea. No doubt she was searching for Biblical links to her system from the beginning and also noting people were not ready to hear “science”.

It was John Doorly, ex president of the Mother Church, some decades later who noticed that she had written the 7 synonyms in a different order 3 times to explain 3 points and discovered that it matched three periods of Biblical history with the textbook itself representing the 4th period. He then discovered that using her key to the Scriptures, the Bible was a book of spiritual laws written about the demonstration of the 7 synonyms. Thus her system was shown in the mathematical numbers 7 and 4.

The Hebrews recognised the importance of these great numbers, the Torah has the Bereishit. (Genesis 1:1) being 7 words and 28 letters in original Hebrew and regarded as “God”s signature.

In Hebrew, each letter possesses a numerical value, working with this system is called Gematria and is used to explore the relationship between words and ideas.



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Biblical Illumination

John Doorly said “when I read Science and Health, I know God, but when I read the Bible I feel God” he also compared the Bible to Music.

The Bible ultimately is showing us the illuminations of Mind, perceived by us via allegory. They exist outside of time, and are just as relevant today as always. This illumination takes place at every moment and only applies to its own nature. That illumination is not exclusive to Church literature or testimonies of healing, therefore cannot be held or contained only in CS literature. Fresh and finding new revelation is our duty, daily to take these Biblical archetypes and work with the illumination.

It is the same with us, Man is Mind’s awareness of itself. The voice which says “where do I fit into this”? Is irrelevant and false, propogated by the idea that we all have “little souls” and individual minds.

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Soul prayer

If “soul and body” refers to mortality then we need to know it is not a platform for Prayer. Mortality cannot come close to the Divine.

Our beginning must be clear: mortality does not grow into, help or reach the Divine.

Lets pray today by seeing ourselves as we ARE. The reflection of God, every possible Godlike quality is maintained in us. From this point we are in the presence of Divinity.

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Soul and Body 1

In this week’s Bible Lesson, we see a number of personalities, Samson, David, Eve etc each of whom could be defined in the small sense, individual souls demanding, betraying, fighting , fearing. Whereas seeing ourselves as “Soul” as a collective in God’s reflection takes us above human experience.

According to Max Kappeler, the Swiss scientist who spent his life studying Christian Science independently, Mrs Eddy said that God is not the best word in Science because of it’s two thousand year old history which conjures up illusion for many people. He urges us to try and move away from this and instead use “Principle”. The problem with that is we then have to redefine ourselves as “Ideas” rather than the sons and daughters of God. We become ideas of Principle. The challenge here is to try and get out of the limiting religious framework to progress. But yet we must not lose the respect and sense of holiness which comes from “the system” do we?.

I feel the same, about this word “Soul” which even as a synonym leaves us with an image.

The system of Mrs Eddy is defined and given to us via the Bible. We don’t want to change that but how far can we go in redefining names, without dismantling it. At what point does it cease to be Christian? A few years ago I adopted the Gaelic word Dia for God only to find it was the name of a supermarket chain in Barcelona, Spain.

I have no doubt the world is ready for such a new definition. In fact it will not dismantle Christianity it will affirm it. But what that name should be and how much further away from the mainstream would it take us? Whilst self defined ecclesiastical authorities like The Mother Church would tell us its not ok to define another suitable name for Deity, our Pastors allow us to take this wherever we want to go.

The Scottish Gaelic word for Soul is Anam.