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Rothesay War Memorial Poem


Amid a scene in perfect green where travellers stop to rest.

Stands an angel looming down upon the corner’s breast.

Sacred rights and names forlorn she guards lest we forget.


Yet somewhere upon another shore by boats and crashing waves.

Another Rothesay these men meet instead of ending days.

And in the splendid sunshine comes a group to lay a wreath, yet what memories do we have for children to bequeath?


Of death and war upon the pit? Amidst the battle cries? Or angels pointing upward when we lay down our sighs.

Away from death and pity trips with fake smiles and flowers sad.

And turn to love the neighbour who needs a word so glad.

If a shadow of this place comes rolling by your mind, it serves as a reminder to give and love sublime.




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The Waiting Hour – A Sunset in Paisley

Oh the joy of the waiting hour at sunset, upon the White Cart as she shines her yellow light to say goodnight

Another moon comes and shines on the same river, like two old men, never to meet.

The hours pass and the children play and scream, while the ghosts of the Abbey chants of the night still heard, yet unheard.

The Town Hall clock lends its eyes and chimes the 9th hour,

The young men stumble home from the pub and the old men light up their cigarettes for their walk home.

faded memories of Victorians in shaded statues, casting  long shadows and tales.

Laus Deo – it is done, and higher we are lifted.




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Poem for Arran and the Holy Isle

Oh draw near, Great Love Divine,  and sooth my waiting mind.

Whiting Bay and Holy Isle, surely all are thine, within my heart appears the long forgotten saints.

Passing holy hours, like a tired monk I wait to find you in the maze of liturgies and pathways.

My naked head does burn, like earthly passions turn, to a higher calling, to vistas set eternal.

With a yearning voice so strong, I turn to what I long, to find my peace in thee.

May the mountains of the isles teach me humility of heart, to see beyond the peaks of shortcomngs to higher views of Love.

The sweeping vistas of Love, higher than the highest peak, swirling winds appear.

The joy of meeting departed ones, to commune again on the shores of thine Isles, I wait, I come.



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A Night Prayer

In the depth of the night my heart calls to you, to unite with you, to be with you.

Like a dry and thirsty branch of a forlorn tree, awaiting the rain of your embrace.

Like a maid awaiting her soldier beloved, or a soldier awaiting his bride.


In the depth of the stillness when all else is quiet except the ticking of an anxious clock

I sit alone waiting for you, waiting for your time to speak with me.

In the quiet time, I must love or learn to love to know you.


In the depth of my heart a stirring, a small voice speaks and I know how I must serve you.

In Love, I await, in Love I stand and in Love I must die.




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A Prayer at the sea at Largs – a Poem

In this poem I am trying to capture the moment of surrender which we all feel between states of consciousness, life and death, struggle and surrender as well as passionate moments of ecstasy.

Yearning for your hand to touch mine, stretching farther to the beach. then withdrawing in sadness and returning to your world.

In your moments of desperation, you come and take whom you wish, reaching far on to the road in anger.

The moment of change, when your hand touches mine, the moment where life and death combine and we join as one.

Our minds wrestle with our old lives for a moment, memories of my childhood, school and perhaps the womb.

In an eternal world, where their is no life or death, only expressions of Love and forms changing.

Moving through eternity,  like water merging with water, with no chance to cling to shapes before they vanish before our eyes in chasms of beauty.

Mermaids move before me with flashes of cyan light, which resemble distant people and voices.

Seeing my family again, oh the joy  as they become recognisable a second time, the smiles and forms as they welcome me.

The expressions of infinite beauty which I called my parents, to go higher knowing they were expressions of a greater Love and a greater God.

I fall into the arms of another, he reaches over my mouth and kisses and caresses me for a lifetime.

The intensity of an orgasmic  moment, lighting the sky with flashes of blue light and the mermaids with their cyan brighter green.

Caressed by shadowy forms of people in the darkness, their touch awakening every part of my senses.

A dark hand comes from the passion and I take it,  a struggle begins pushing him away, but he is stronger and I lie motionless, thrown to the floor.

He lifts my arm and lays perfume on my wrist. Massaging my arm as I feel his warm hand touching me.

Then I awake to splutter water, a green uniform kneeling before me and an ambulance flashing blue light in the dark night.

My memories of infinity fade as the man before me approaches my mouth again beating my chest and pumping out water.

My wrist feels strange as a woman wipes an antiseptic rub before inserting a needle and they carry me away to the ambulance.

The ambulance  is parked by the monastery,  where their is hope,  faint glow and a curtain moves.












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Poem about Kilbirnie #NorthAyrshire: The Mossend Mine

The Mossend Mine

While walking near the Mossend mine
I chanced upon a flower
I stopped and stared at beauty spent
and passed away the hour

Her leaves were yellow daffodils
where bees would pass the time
watching men go underground
While entering the mine

Her stem did sway with summer breeze
she slumbered on the brink
like a burdened miner walks
whilst thirsting for a drink

Suddenly a voice I heard
transported back in time
young men with blackened faces walked
deep inside that mine

Awaking, flowers, buttercups
Blessed me on my way
Whilst haunting thoughts of distant past
I carried through my day

So if a flower does call you back
to places, lands of yore,
dwell not in the realm of dreams
take only what is yours

Perhaps your flower is yet to come
in mountain, thoughts or clime
ne’er mind the times of centuries old
now is your only time

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Poem at Dalry Cemetery June 2019.

At Sunset. Dalry Cemetery.

O gracious peace and silence, where voices lose their power.

The setting sun brings darkness to the last awaiting hours,

With Lords and paupers  stilled, together till the light

Where ‘er they are in consciousness, God speed to them tonight.

By Biggarts’ son or Uncle John. Youth and age does lie,

For the wall between the old and new, lies strong in earthly eyes.

But somewhere else upon the shores, Dalry does rise again,

where no walls or  tombs pervade, religion, class or kin,

And as our thoughts rise higher, away from bricks and stone.

That new Dalry will one by one come to take us home.

There at the crossings full of folk who long ago were ken’t.

Again the tears of union declares the time well spent.