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An Unfinished Poem,

Gently on piano keys or,
strung upon the harp,
strummed upon the guitar strings or
words said from the heart,

A colder breeze in winter time
or withered flowerless briar
all are made to break your dreams
and draw your thoughts much higher

An Ocean beach in times more calm
At home with people stern
A tempest storm or healing balm
Higher thoughts that you must learn

Ne´er upon life´s empty shores
no matter how it seems
For going to reach a better place
you have to break the dream

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A #poem about the mountains around the #Garnock Valley #northayrshire

A #poem about the mountains around the #Garnock Valley #northayrshire
Some days the mountains speak to me
defending Truth and Love
like Angels climbing Jacob´s Ladder
to and from Above
With thoughts so clear and brightly shining
fields of grass and green
stretching to horizon´s line
and farms lying in between
Other days the mountains seem
an obstacle of view
which stop me seeing o´e´r the sky
and leave me feeling blue
Tis these weeks the hardest are
when shadows mark my way
when people´s words like arrows fly
and hinder all my days
To search for good in every thought
dispels the darkest night
for through the words and tempers flared
lie Angels in disguise
To take us higher in our thought
to bless us every day
find the Love in everyone
it is the only way.
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Poem for Hugh

This poem was written to remember Hugh “Curly” Brannan, an elderly #Kilbirnie man 1912-1990

No Internet nor mobile phone
Just Sitting by the view
His bible held fast in his hands
This was dear old Hugh

A sweat bead forms upon his brow
Complains about the heat
Drinks another cup of tea
And stares down at his feet

With a creed unshakable
He reads another line
Whilst shuffling his greying hands
comes tales of older times

Yearning thoughts of his dear wife
Guided by Psalmist´s tears
Here sat a man with watered eyes
Memories of blessed years

And comes a thought of happiness
Of meeting her and friends
On shores afar, his mind does go
and finds his time well spent

Guided by the written Word
He went on Wisdom´s way
He gave triumph to the Truth
His fears did melt away

May our gaze be ever dear
to Principle held true
living always by our Faith
Just like my dear friend Hugh

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A Spanish Hymn

I found this beautiful hymn in the Spanish Breviario. I have tried to translate it:

Comienzan los relojes

They begin the clocks

a maquinar sus prisas;

And plot their haste

y miramos el mundo.

And we watch the world

Comienza un nuevo día.

Begin a new day

Comienzan las preguntas,

They begin the questions

la intensidad, la vida;

The intensity, the life

se cruzan los horarios.

Crossing the hours

Qué red, qué algarabía.

What a network, what a gathering

Mas tú, Señor, ahora.

You Lord

eres calma infinita.

You are infinite calm

Todo el tiempo está en ti

All time is in you

como en una gavilla.

Like a sheaf

Rezamos, te alabamos,

We pray and we praise

porque existes, avisas;

Because you exist, you warn us

porque anoche en el aire

Because last night in the air

tus astros se movían.

Your stars, they moved

Y ahora toda la luz

And now all of the light

se posó en nuestra orilla. Amén.

Is left on our shore

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A Poem for Dalry Cemetery, Ayrshire (2019)

At Sunset. Dalry Cemetery June 2019. #northayrshire #poem #Dalry
O gracious peace and silence,                                                 
Where voices lose their power.                                                     
The setting sun brings darkness                                                     
To the last awaiting hours,
With Lords and paupers  stilled,                                             
Together till the light                                                               
Where ‘er they are in consciousness,                                           
God speed to them tonight.
By Biggarts’ son or Uncle John,                                                 
Youth and age does lie,                                                                 
For the wall between the old and new,                                           
Lies strong in earthly eyes.
But somewhere else upon the shores,                                       
Dalry does rise again,                                                               
Where no walls or  tombs pervade,                                         
Religion, class or kin,
And as our thoughts rise higher,                                               
Away from bricks and stone.                                                       
That new Dalry will one by one                                                 
Take us to our home.
There at the crossings full of folk                                               
Who long ago were ken’t.                                                         
Again the tears of union                                                       
Declares the time well spent.
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The Rowan Tree – A Poem

This one is about the Rowan Tree which was in my Grandfather’s garden in Castle Drive, Kilbirnie It is likely still there.

I wanted the poem to catch that idea that some people  relish the shade but then complain about the darkness 🙂

In the shade of Grandpa’s house
There stood a Rowan Tree
Where my Brother tried to climb
With Rosalyn and me

Every day my Grandpa came
Admired it´s towering boughs
While we as children playing there
Saw darkened twigs and crows

Shadows hung upon his life
With towering darkened power
Yet we as children plain could see
Their withering every hour

Its leaves held back the sunshine light
Its branches stern with years
Sitting with his chair and pipe
It calmed away his fears

Yet we as children playing in sight
Saw only twigs and leaves
Revealing more of sky to us
Than he could ever see

We pointed up at shafts of light
Throughout the darkened power
Whilst he preferred the shaded glade
To pass the wakened hour

We saw sun and endless days
Upon his chair he sat
Despite the passing years it stood
The tree was sound at heart







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Poem in celebration of marriage in Paisley 28 November 2019

The Harp – by Joseph McTaggart

If Marriage were a Harp with strings
We´d surely sweep a strain
Bringing joy to Paisley town
While playing sweet refrains

We’d play a song on Fulbar road
And at the Bield scout hall
We´d play it at the social clubs
and laughing, folks would fall

We’d play the Harp upon the braes
While young men play away
While older couples watch sunset
the Harp would gently sway

We’d sweep a strain of sad refrain
At Coats mills passing by
We’d touch upon a melody
Where many threads were tied

We’d play the Harp across the track
As cyclists wave us by
We’d play and wait at graveyard´s gates
For those who´ve said goodbye

We’d play a tune right at the schools
The Children would be pleased
We’d pass the Harp to little ones
To hold upon their knees

And at the rail-way with it´s sounds
We´d play a strain so glad
Then leave the Harp at Gilmour Street
For travellers who feel bad
To strain some sounds of happiness
And joy for all the town
To watch it grow with sadness no!
But, all to gather round

And as young men in later years
watch Paisley grow and change
the Harp will say, much more than words
of Love which e´r remains

So next time ye are in County Square
and music, sounds so low,
take time to gather round the Harp
near where the Cart does flow

A strain which sweeps a Lover´s heart
With gladness, faith and joy
And plays its tune eternally
For all who will enjoy

An everlasting song of Love
surpassing space and time
a Love which lasts eternally
Which no man can define