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Glengarnock Steel Magazine – Hugh Higgins of Saltcoats

Additionally, a poem called “Maid of Longbar”  by Hugh L. Paterson – if you know this place now, you would know how ridiculous a poem about the place sounds.

Other names include: Miss Shaw, Miss Provan, Williamson, Warnoock, Hubner, Hamilton, Gordon, Breckenridge, Sharp, Kerr, Anderson, Abernethy.



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Glengarnock Steel Staff Magazine May 1922 – Peter Adamson Abernethy

A Steel work Employee who came from Linwood.

Other Names in this page:

West, Busby, Calder, Ferguson, McGhie, Aitken, Stewart, Drysdale, McBride, Graham, Clifford, Baxter, Clark, Vann, Kean, McBride, Anderson, Henderson, Martin, Robertson, Watson,


Picture of Leslie Martin, Miss H H Barclay, E C Stuart, W H Aiton.

Other names, McMinn





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Glengarnock Steel Works Staff Magazine 1922 – James McGinley

Profile on James McGinley, moved to Glengarnock from Coatbridge.


Surnames: Henderson, Hynd, Martin, Aiton, McGinley, Anderson, Morrison, Barclay, Dumphy,  Richardson, Connell, Busby, McBride, Robertson, Wood, Ramsay, Stewart, McBlane,  Baxter, Reid, Clifford, Vann. (Please check for further names)

20190803_161430Poem by George Robertson,  Glengarnock