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From Nahjul Balaga

“God is not inside things in the sense of physical penetration and is not outside them in the sense of physical exclusion. Times do not keep company with Him, and implements do not help Him. His Being precedes times. His Existence precedes non-existence and His eternity precedes beginning. By His creating the senses it is known that He has no senses. By the contraries in various matters it is known that He has no contrary, and by the similarity between things it is known that there is nothing similar to Him. He has made light the contrary of darkness, brightness that of gloom, dryness that of moisture and heat that of cold. He produces affection among inimical things.” (Sermon 186)

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Poem: Jannat Al Bakee جَـنَّـة الْـبَـقِـيْـع‎,

In every living time and place.

There lies an Al Baquee.

A place destroyed by wrong ideas.

Lies scattered in the breeze.

And of these stones or tyrant”s thrones.

God raises seed and kin.

To teach mankind about himself.

Releasing us from sin.

Love itself does meet us there,

And guides us safely home.

Rasing thoughts to higher calls.

Away from shattered domes.

From darkened sense of sorrows hence.

We must not look away.

But far from clay and broken wood.

Love itself does stay.

Look inside your own dear heart.

And find your Al Baquee.

Build upon the terrors raged.

For there lies Love’s decree.

To find your peace when wrong ideas.

Attacks seem far and wide.

To know that Love is ne’er destroyed.

It’s always by your side.

Bring the stones of peace and Love.

Rebuild your Al Baquee.

A daily act of kindness builds.

A shrine eternally.

Look no more to desert lands.

And Baquees far away.

Prefer to look to your own heart.

And build your shrine tbis day.

Daily salat and duas

cement the stones in time.

Zariat adds the precious jewels.

That no man can design.

Love for those who hate you still.

Will add the Golden doors.

And daily zikhr will ensure.

Mosaic tiled floors.

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Love is my Religion by Ibn Arabi

“قلب من پذيراي همه صورت‌ هاست
قلب من چراگاهي است براي غزالان وحشي
و صومعه‌ اي است براي راهبا ن ترسا
و معبدي است براي بت‌ پرستان
و كعبه‌ اي است براي حاجيان
قلب من الواح مقدس تورات است
و كتاب آسماني قرآن
دين من عشق است
و ناقه‌ي عشق مرا به هر كجا خواهد، سوق مي‌دهد
“عشق ، دین وایمان من است

شیخ الاکبر محی الدین ابن عربی اندلسی -مذهب عشق

لقد صار قلبي قابلا كل صورة
فمرعي لغزلان و دير لرهبان
و بيت لاوثان و كعبة طايف
و الواح تورات و مصحف قرآن
ادين بدين الحب اني توجهت
ركائبه فالحب ديني و ايماني
شیخ الاکبر محی الدین ابن عربی اندلسی -مذهب عشق

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99 Names of God in Islam / Arabic أسماء الله الحسنى‎‎

1 Ar Rahman الرحمن The Most Gracious
2 Ar Raheem الرحيم The Most Merciful
3 Al Malik الملك The King
4 Al Quddus القدوس The Most Holy
5 As Salam السلام The Ultimate Provider of Peace
6 Al Mu’min المؤمن The Guardian of Faith
7 Al Muhaymin المهيمن The Guardian, the Preserver
8 Al Aziz العزيز The Almighty, the Self Sufficient
9 Al Jabbaar الجبار The Compeller
10 Al Mutakabbir الْمُتَكَبِّرُ The Dominant one
11 Al Khaaliq الخالق The Creator
12 Al Baari البارئ The Maker
13 Al Musawwir المصور The Fashioner of Forms
14 Al Ghaffaar الغفار The Ever-Forgiving
15 Al Qahhaar القهار The All Subduer
16 Al Wahhaab الوهاب The Bestower
17 Ar Razzaaq الرزاق The Ever-Providing, The Sustainer
18 Al Fattaah الفتاح The Ultimate Judge, The Opener of All Portals, the Victory Giver
19 Al Alim العليم The All-Knowing, the Omniscient
20 Al Qaabidh القابض The Restrainer, the Straightener
21 Al Baasit الباسط The Expander, the Munificent
22 Al Khaafidh الخافض The Abaser, The Demeanor
23 Ar Raafi’ الرافع The Exalter
24 Al Mu’izz المعز The Giver of Honour
25 Al Muzil المذل The Giver of Dishonor
26 Al Sami’ السميع The All-Hearing
27 Al Basir البصير The All-Seeing
28 Al Hakam الحكم The Judge, the Ultimate Arbiter
29 Al ‘Adl العدل The Utterly Just
30 Al Latif اللطيف The Kind
31 Al Khabir الخبير The All-Aware
32 Al Halim الحليم The Forbearer, The Indulgent
33 Al-‘Adheem العظيم The Magnificent, the Infinite
34 Al Ghafur الغفور The All-Forgiving
35 Ash Shakur الشكور The Grateful
36 Al Ali العلي The Sublimely Exalted
37 Al Kabir الكبير The Great
38 Al Hafidh الحفيظ The Preserver, The Protector
39 Al Muqit المقيت The Nourisher
40 Al Hasib الحسيب The Reckoner
41 Al Jalil الجليل The Majestic
42 Al Karim الكريم The Bountiful, the Generous
43 Ar Raqib الرقيب The Watchful
44 Al Mujib المجيب The Responsive, the Answerer
45 Al Wasi’ الواسع The Vast, the All Encompassing
46 Al Hakim الحكيم The Wise
47 Al Wadud الودود The Loving, the Kind One
48 Al Majid المجيد The All Glorious
49 Al Ba’ith الباعث The Raiser of the Dead
50 Ash Shaheed الشهيد The Witness
51 Al Haqq الحق The Truth, the Real
52 Al Wakil الوكيل The Trustee, the Dependable
53 Al Qawiyy القوي The Strong
54 Al Mateen المتين The Firm, the Steadfast
55 Al Wali الولي The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Supporter
56 Al Hamidu الحميد The All Praise Worthy
57 Al Muhsi المحصي The Accounter, The Numberer of All
58 Al Mubdi المبدئ The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all
59 Al Mu’id المعيد The Reinstater Who Brings Back All
60 Al Muhyi المحيي The Giver of Life
61 Al Mumit المميت The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer
62 Al Hayy الحي The Ever Living
63 Al Qayyum القيوم The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All
64 Al Waajid الواجد The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing
65 Al Maajid الماجد The Illustrious, the Magnificent
66 Al Waahid الواحد The One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible
67 Al Ahad الاحد The One, the Indivisible
68 As Samad الصمد The Everlasting,The Eternal Refuge
69 Al Qaadir القادر The All-Capable, The Most Able, The Most Powerful
70 Al Muqtadir المقتدر The All Determiner, the Dominant
71 Al Muqaddim المقدم The Expediter, He who brings forward
72 Al Mu’akhkhir المؤخر The Delayer, He who brings backwards
73 Al Awwal الأول The First
74 Al Aakhir الآخر The Last
75 Az Dhaahir الظاهر The Manifest; the All Victorious
76 Al Baatin الباطن The Hidden; the All Encompassing
77 Al Waali الوالي The Patron
78 Al Muta’ali المتعالي The Self Exalted
79 Al Barr البر The Most Kind and Righteous
80 At Tawwaab التواب The Ever-Pardoning, Ever Relenting
81 Al Muntaqim المنتقم The Avenger
82 Al ‘Afuww العفو The Pardoner, The Forgiver
83 Ar Ra’uf الرؤوف The Clement, The Compassionate, The All-Pitying
84 Malik Al Mulk مالك الملك The Owner of All Sovereignty
85 Dhual Jalal wa Al Ikram ذو الجلال و الإكرام The Lord of Majesty and Generosity
86 Al Muqsit المقسط The Equitable, the Requiter
87 Al Jaami’ الجامع The Gatherer, the Unifier
88 Al Ghani الغني The All Rich, the Independent
89 Al Mughni المغني The Enricher, the Emancipator
90 Al Mani’ المانع The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender
91 Ad Dharr الضآر The Distresser
92 An Nafi’ النافع The Propitious, the Benefactor
93 An Nur النور The Light
94 Al Hadi الهادي The Guide
95 Al Badi’i البديع Incomparable, the Originator
96 Al Baaqi الباقي The Ever Enduring and Immutable
97 Al Waarith الوارث The Heir, the Inheritor of All
98 Ar Rashid الرشيد The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower
99 Al Saboor الصبور The Forbearing, The Patient