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Our Father Prayer by Emma Curtis Hopkins, from 1889.

“Our Father, which art in heaven”

” The Father is All, and we are in Him, How quickly we feel sheltered in God when we remember that God is All and we are in God, and then say, ” Our Father, which art in heaven” Harmony is the peace which makes life glad. We are sometimes glad and at peace and we say: This is heaven. Oh! the peace wherein God reigns — That is heaven.  If God is Peace, and we are in God, then we are in Peace,  So when we say, “Which art in Heaven,” we feel that we also are in heaven..     

“Hallowed Be Thy name”

Sacred and lovely art Thou in whom we rest.    

“Thy kingdom come,”

Let Thy peace come down.  Let Thy enfolding goodness now shine over and around us that the nations may walk in the light of it,   

“Thy will be done.”

 Thy will is the perfect fulfilling of our heart’s desire.  If we let our own will fall, dissolve, melt away into the markless silence then Thy will, will be found done in its glory. Oh! let “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Let the country where we wander be at peace because the people hear Thy words and know that they too dwell safely with us, sheltered in Thee,

“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtor’s.”

Not as we used to forgive when we knew not that we were in Thee and of Thee and at peace, but now that we do know.  How blessed our forgiveness now.  How divinely like Thee is our remembering our neighbor’s indebtedness or wrong no more against him forever!  So Thou in dealing with us wilt be divinely forgetful. 

And “Lead us not into temptation” See: Thou art powerful and canst oft remind us so that we shall not hear error whisper of anything unlike this Presence we art now so safely folded within.  Nothing can deceive us.

“But deliver us from evil,”

Ah! Yes, compel us to remember Thee. Wrench us violently from belief that there is any other love or life worth while. When we hear human voices say honor and. fame and the ways of gain are good, compel us to see that they are good only after knowing Thee. Deliver us by making the old earthly ways so sharp and hard that we can not walk them.

“For thine is the Kingdom,”

 Omnipresent, from “which we go not out forevermore. 

“Thine the power,”

To accomplish all that we can name of goodness, and thine all glory.

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