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The Entity

One of the saddest things about modern day living is that we no longer have a language or indeed permission to talk about God as any kind of useful force. In the 1970s and 80s there were still people around from Victorian times but sadly they have all passed.  In the UK, talk of God, Bible or religion immediately means barriers,  insults or people simply responding with:

“I am not religious – sorry” and the subject is quickly changed”.

I have in the past responded with:

“I would like a moment to explain –  I likely don´t believe in the God you are rejecting either, I don´t mean a guy with a beard on a throne”

It is not that I´m out to convert anyone, its just that most of the people I come across in daily living are deeply unhappy, are in crisis of an existential nature and they have approached me for advice.  But religion is not on the menu as a solution – its more likely to have contributed to the cause.  The irony is that I never actually wanted to talk about religion anyway, but I did want to tell them about the Entity.

“The Entity” is my new way of discussing God. The word doesnt carry any baggage and can be used to describe different aspects of God´s being without eyes rolling. Yesterday, the subject of “evil” in the world came in conversation. We spoke about it for a moment and here is the transcript:

“bad people do bad things”

“no, people often have bad opinions thats all – its not evil exactly and technically its not really personal – it doesnt belong to anyone, its like a power which pervades humanity as a whole because it is believed in. .

“so you think there is no evil then?”

“yep – but you agree there is some kind of power in the universe?”

“yes – but it is neither good nor evil and it doesn´t do anything”

“Im OK with that – but as a power, it must do something”


“Well if its an Entity and just “is”  – it likely doesnt know anything of human experience – it only has knowledge of itself” – that would explain how evil in the world has nothing to do with it”.

“that sounds like something I could believe in but its not practical – that knowledge cant make me a better person but could explain an infinite existence”

“I believe you can interact with It via times of quiet and listening – that silent moment of nothingness brings you right to it. If it knows no humanity – there is no mind to beg it for things and even conscious mental argument is futile. “

“so who are we?”

“we live in the Entity – we ARE the Entity in the sense that we reflect its great power and theres no room for evil acts there except in your own small mind which thinks it runs everything”

“Doesn´t that seperate you from friends – if you think your existence is not in anyway physical? I mean that sounds like you don´t need anyone – only to know the Entity”

“Not really, we can see other people as affirmations of the presence of “the Entity and besides it also means we can redefine who we are”

“So we are living in a Mind greater than us but we dont know it or interact with it”

“Yes – kind of – we have a purpose to reflect its entire catalogue, that includes provision, love, goodness and Health – If we learn to trust it, it will enrich our lives and give us clarity about who we really are.”.










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Question and Answer regarding Prayer

Question: What is Prayer and what is the point of Prayer?

Answer:  In historic and mainstream Christianity, Prayer meant simply asking God (Spirit) for things. If you felt a lack, caused by you, by evil or caused by nothing, then you approached God and then he decided if you were to get the desired object or not and then you accepted what you thought his will was for you. That simple description sums up the usual view as well as rising early, singing badly to a God that was somehow present and hearing your daily life. That view is beginning to vanish and Churches, like many others are slowly beginning to change their opinion in favour of a more psychiatric God who is your friend and is reached through a brain instead of a mouth.

If we define God as a science or a set of universal laws which holds our existence then there is no Godhead to decide whether he will grant your wish in an Aladdin´s Lamp kind of a way. In this viewpoint, all which is of Spirit, is with us as well.  If we accept the idea that Spirit cannot see lack, has no sense of time, space or human life and that our existence is in It (Him) completely then we can reform our ideas of how to pray.  It should be noted though that there is no point in bringing “human things or issues” to It, for It cannot see them. Why would It? Human Life belongs to the world of dreams and is a law unto itself created by small minds which think they are the centre of their universe.

Prayer then is a commune with that Mind, a daily rerouting of ourselves and the little “I” to the big “I” which is God. This is achieved by silence and listening for set periods every day. Realising that the ego, poor health, sin sickness, death and lack  are not God´s problems, they are ours and only exist in our own perception. In today´s world, silence  is often called meditation although its simply a communion with Spirit for a few moments. In this space, we can redefine ourselves and our thinking about our existence. We can remember that the World is “good” and all of the qualities of God are our qualities too for He (It) made us. So Prayer is a realignment of our thought into what is real. In that place there is no room for illness hatred, sin, sickness or death.

It can also be noted that simple affirmations like “my Father and I are one” or oher illuminatory affirmations from the Bible or otherwise help us to see that we are not separate from God. As we grow in this practice, we learn to trust God more and not to panic about world affairs or personal issues. As that happens things like poor health and lack, vanish.

There may also be times when we need to “argue” mentally against opinions which are affecting us or those we know. Spirit however remains unchanged.  These arguments are for our benefit to enrich our life experience.  It should be noted that these “arguments” are not really about who we are but should be arguing about what  God is “I am Gods perfect Child and cannot be sick” is rather futile since it goes no higher than the “me”. A better Prayer is “God is perfect, God is good , whole and healthy, therefore so am I”. All Prayer needs to be aimed at God not our own sense of sickness. Fear can feel very depleting at certain moments. So Prayer brings us into line with Spirit but does not change anything except our views and with that, comes peace, trust, joy, healing and love to a particular situation.

There are some people who prefer religious rituals and who likely will never leave those. For all people though,  Spirit speaks to humanity daily and directly at every moment without Priest or Practitioner or intermediatary and It is there if we listen to It calling us to Love and to reflect the big “I” to establish God´s KIngdom on earth.

Prayer then, can be defined as not rushing to fix a situation, but learning what God would have us to do in a particular situation and learning how to hand things over to him without rushing to add human opinion, medical opinion or final judgement to an issue.  When faced with a very strong imposing issue, like health or perceived lack,  to eliminate the fear is always a good place to begin.



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Questions on Healing


If  I ask you to pray for me or to work on my health condition – and you are away or do not see my Email and I am healed, surely you cannot say that any action of yours or of Christian or Spiritual healing actually helped in this case. Was it not just natural cause and effect as well as time which made the healing?


It is not my brain which causes the healing in fact “I” in the personal sense has nothing to do with the healing. My brain does not heal you and does not need to know about your case, therefore your reaching out to me is reaching out to the larger sense of “I” which is Spirit. So you were healed.

Spirit does not see denomination and does not know words like Christian Science, illness, death, these are human terms to describe experience. What you describe as natural cause and effect would be described in metaphysical terms as a false belief that time or the mortal body heals itself. This may give you a sense of relief but the illness is then free to come back, for it still exists for you or another in your experience to contract it.  Science works to eliminate the belief of disease which in turn eliminates the disease itself.  Science in this case meaning Spirit.

I have noticed that some people in the healing profession often write phrases like “The time I healed….” or “when I healed John of something” – not only are these phrases dangerous because of pride but they give a false idea that a person is responsible for healing another and that can never be correct and produces a form of mesmerism that some individuals have power to heal whereas others do not.

Healers spends time daily in silence declaring the presence of Spirit and of It´s perfection daily – it is the negation of his brain faculties and thinking which produces healing – not academia or indeed your request. God does not see your request either – the Practitioner or person assisting simply helps you to see you are whole. But that revelation of wholeness can speak to you directly too – if you listen for it. If a person takes any responsibility for a healing, it must only be to gracefully say “God or Spirit healed that person… of…. ” and even those words can only be used to describe the human experience of healing, for God always has and always will see you as complete.


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