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The Two Powers

Let us lay the axe at the root of the tree to begin this essay: God is not in the Universe, he does not know the identity you have created for yourself, nor does he sit on a throne above you wearing a crown, robe, sceptre, kaftan and sandals.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us discuss what is our universe made of? The answer is simple. Using the Buddha´s words “your thoughts make the world”, Nothing is good or bad except you make it that way, what you read, what you have been told about the Universe all come together to make quite a tantalising tale of solid (or sordid) material things, of races and people who do good and bad things and ourselves, the viewers idly spectating and judging the game as we see fit. Pity for the dying, judgement for the bad man and praise for the hero. Dreams both shared and individual, bring forth complexities.

Looking through our prism of experiences, we decide what is ok and not ok, in many ways we have been declared gods, in the absence of any real one. Worst still is the idea that we judge in a god´s name. Meanwhile in the darker corners, others are making judgements about us, weaving their way into our minds ideas in some form of mesmerism, whose ideas we have no choice to accept. Subtly manipulating our behaviour by hidden suggestions coming out in illness, sin, sickness and death or who we should vote for. Infecting our minds with ideas of plagues, reducing us to nothing more than lumps of flesh.

Our minds have also created solid material histories and evidences, passed to us by earlier less ethereal minds. Stories of wars and bombs and people who killed and others who suffered. We create reasons for the evil we see around us. Of course the inexplicable must be blamed on god, the old man on the throne or the young 33 year old depending on your denomination who has sent a thunderbolt down to make us suffer. Yet it is our own judgement, moment by moment which makes our world, not some superstitious Godly idea of judgement from afar.

So, it is no surprise then that we have two powers in our Universe. One which supposedly is evil and the other which supposedly is good. Yet, in a Universe made up of nothing more than suppositions, neither actually exist, except that your mind pushes and creates the world based upon your belief of these two powers. Rocked and pushed like a boat in a storm, we navigate between the great good and the ultimate evil, processed and propelled by media, movies, the medical profession and religion. All making up a beautiful tasty meal supposedly called human living. If you are really lucky, you get to enjoy 70 or 80 years.

So what is the answer to escaping then? Do we sit down and negate our world? Do we become judgemental to judge what appears to be judgement itself? Of course there is no real material answer. We do not put out fire with fire, we need a new platform with which to view and deal with the problem which only exists from a certain consciousness or point of view. Certainly the first point is to try to not react to what you see around you. This can be done with even a few moments of meditation every day. Bringing your mind to a point of quiet displaces the cries of a universe and in silence you may re-evaluate situations to see the nothingness of what is probing at your mind. This can change situations as well. Imaging the sick child, viewing him as sick does not help him, but seeing him as whole and healthy and encouraging him to sit up likely will do more good for him than a pity trip that he is sick. Quietness and stillness puts us outside of the human cries and needs, into a place of healing. In this place you find “God” the nothingness of being. It is this space where we find a quiet energy, neither judging nor condemning.

It is Peace, Health, Love and Mind.

“Standing porter at the door of thought” is also good. We can up to a point be careful with what we watch or do. But either way, that is not enough to avoid subtle more hidden manipulations, reducing you to a commodity, a sexually attractive being or something to be loved or hated based upon another´s beliefs about who will save them. Trying not to label people is another way to put out a little fire, leaving room for a quiet non judgemental approach to people we meet.

In silence we find Truth and Love

So, the answer is not in doing, the answer is stepping back to nothingness. We hear this cry from pacifists and those who refuse to fight, in many ways they are right, but also buying into these two powers puts them inside the fire, rather than stepping out of it. We hear from religious people “God is one” without understanding what it means.

Let us not fight today, let us step back into meditation and quieten ourselves. Let us find our oneness.

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Snow in Paisley December 2020

And comes a pure white blanket laid

around the river Cart

Across the darkened thoughts of man

a Love which does impart

And o´er the bogs and swamps there´s ice

up to the Abbey door

A voice says “Man with all your cares

be still for just an hour”

The darkened views of waning health,

exchanged for winter cheer

The snow reflects a gentle calm

upon the town so dear

And on the braes the deer are seen

walking proudly by

For no man can touch their safety now

upon their mountain high

Upon the tombs of rested men

lies layers of icy sense

Reflecting that the One great Mind

preserves their innocence

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Fear Culture

We seem to be living now in a culture driven by fear:

“you have to do what we tell you or you could die”

“you have to do as we say or we will punish you”

“if you vote for the wrong person, you will suffer”

“If you don´t protest, communism, marxism or another ism will come and destroy all of us”

These are just a few choice statements heard over the last year and only one of them has anything to do with physical health. Yet we find ourselves bound up in the hands of what seems to be a person or system who doesn´t seem to know what´s happening. It changes it´s mind daily. It would be nice if there was one person we could blame for all of this but actually, even if we remove our governments and politicians these bad opinions about power over another will remain.

Lets look away from people today and see just what these things are: “opinions” – we can choose our response to this by loving. I find a random act of kindness, ordering flowers for someone a surprise phone call or text can really brighten someone´s day and also helps me to understand that in my world, there is nothing to be afraid of, in fact my life has not changed. Just one small act daily can be very empowering in the face of anxiety. As the song says “Love, isn´t Love until you give it away”

Let´s start by reversing some of the opinions fed to us daily, we can choose not to watch the media, get news once a day or better still get rid of the TV. Let´s make our own virus, one of loving kind thoughts which inspire and help others through creativity, kindness and generosity. You might be surprised how quickly other opinions vanish from our sight and how quickly, these acts of kindness can spread in what seems to be a culture of fear.

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Calling Freedom – A Poem for Scottish Independence

Notice how strongly the fire begins to burn, fed by the air of Freedom
Who has ever fought against our Freedom and won?
See how it burns away bad opinions, and the water of our burns flood
For our betterment, our blood and our places, the water rises.

See the fire and water rise
Hear the winds of our mountains roar
See how they come to take their own, calling for us to stay faithful
Do not stem the water or extinguish the fire
Leave our land’s trees and its streams and it´s fires
To call Freedom, the voice carried in the wind

The courageous gun and sword laid down before our enemies
Shining and moving in museums of a time long ago
Quaking and shaking of cannons in castles
Water and fire is what defends us now, ancestral whispers, Fed by Freedom´s breath of air

See the fire and water rise
Hear the winds of our mountains roar
See how they come, to take their own, calling for us to stay faithful
Do not stem the water or extinguish the fire
Let our land’s trees and its streams and it´s fires, be,
To call Freedom, the voice carried in the wind

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The Hawthorn – Kilbirnie auld cemetery poem

Daniel 2: 21

Upon the leaf of hawthorn green appears a drop of dew, with spiders webs reflecting frost upon the bush´s hue.

And comes an Angel staff in hand, reflected in the drop, where Lord and Lady Crawford lie, with sticks and lollipops.

As the sun does take a turn, the whited ground turns green, the Angel walks towards the gate and light shines in between.

And as the dew dries for the day, a sign that autumn comes, as well as days where dew will stay till sunset has begun.

And as the Angel´s shadow moves along the back kirk wall, acid rain from steel work days the people do recall.

Her sandals bare, they leave a trace of markings in the clay, where snowdrops rise beneath her feet on snowy winter days.

And to the gate she slowly walks, her staff upon the ground, with every turn a splash of white can surely here be found.

By the sign of service times, a smaller crack appears, a line upon an ageing brow brings a grandson´s fears.

And as she leaves, our minds are changed but not filled up with fear, her coming speaks of life more meek with passing of the years.