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1 John 8-10

There are numerous Bible quotes about being “perfect”. But the above reminds us that human thinking is not perfect.

“Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven….”. Is another one.

Many of these texts have been used to hurt us by the judgement of the Church and by the judgement of others. They discovered we weren’t perfect in their eyes.

Much of the new testament was written to encourage people, the letters and epistles often directly told about unrest, politics and bitter battles between “the saints” on issues they were called to leave, such as circumcision or the differences between Peter and Paul.

Human life can never be perfect, and clearly it never was.

We find the Divine, moment by moment, listening to the still small voice

Redemption in the literal sense should raise us higher, yet clearly it didn’t for the early Saints or for us.

We are redeemed only as we grow into our new identity and no amount of wishing it will make it happen quicker.

In the silence we hear Him, that gentle voice telling us “all is well”. Let us not beat ourselves because of a lack of human perfection, let us claim our reality. Love

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