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We live in what some might call a very patriarchal culture. It seems that politics and governance are in the first place controlled by men and where things are not controlled by men, there seems to be a discrepancy with how much women are paid compared to men doing the same job. It is almost instilled into us that the outward parts of society are controlled and played out by men.

Things are changing – Margaret Thatcher was the first female leader of the UK and to date America has not seen such progress. There is something in the spirituality of white anglo-saxon protestants which places God purely in the outer world and to look inside by meditating or thinking about an issue too much or too deeply is considered feminine. Thus, men are considered masters of the outside world (where they feel God resides of course) while woman look from afar and trust male judgement. We like to think that things are changing and perhaps they are. But not as perhaps we might have predicted in decades gone by. I remember the parody of the Two Ronnies in their sketch “the Worm That Turned”. An eight part comedy sketch where the roles are reversed in a futuristic society, which was made during Mrs Thatcher`s tenure.

Women now can play in the outer world in much the same way men can, with football teams, sports, becoming CEOs and presidents of countries. Likewise fathers can be stay at home fathers now doing the traditional roles which once were considered feminine,

In Spirituality, gender is considered a human mind thing, we divide, categorise and in the past if a man looked effeminate, we expected him to be weak because he looked “feminine”. It seems that the human mind likes to judge then praise or condemn based on what it sees around itself, in many cases taking it´s authority from the Church despite being told “judge not lest ye be judged”. In other cases it simply likes to play “God” and be a master of its own universe.

The idea that man is genderless and that gender is created by our opinions and views of a situation is highlighted by how our opinion of gender is changing. 60 years ago it would have been unthinkable for a woman to change a car wheel yet now, it is almost offensive to ask a woman whether she is able to do it or not. Advertising rules have been changed in the UK to ensure no stereotypes are shown which will push us into a genderless society where woman and men can reflect Love´s passivity or strength by anyone without it meaning the person is designated a certain gender. Gender will be recognised as a purely physical thing and therefore not related to Spirituality.

This sounds quite threatening for people who have a very strict view of how men and women are in society but it doesn´t have to be that way, in fact it simply teaches us that Spiritual values can be found in all people and a redefinition of our identity is required to help us move forward. We need to learn not to judge or assume anything about another person based upon physical characteristics.

Jesus may have been a great example of this: He wept at the tomb of Lazarus, he went into the wilderness for 40 days to be alone, yet he also threw the gamblers out of the temple. A man who was not afraid to show his emotions. Men today who behave like this in British society would be called “continental” or “European” or perhaps other names, more judgemental.

Yet we have kept him with varying traditional masculine roles, although most churches tend to avoid talking about his 40 day retreat (other than say how he wrestled with the devil of course) but the story is not quite so straight forward. We should remember he “withdrew” to Ephraim after he raises Lazarus from the dead as well. We tend to keep Jesus on the “outside” without seeing that clearly he had other identities, a trained rabbi, someone who contemplated, meditated.

To unite with Love or Spirit as we call it is to embrace ideas such as these and to see humanity as It sees it. One Mind, purely loving and giving of itself. Reflecting Love in and by Love.

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