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Unity and Oneness

The human mind tends to break itself up into different parts, allowing us to only glimpse things through very small ideas or mental images. It does not quite give us the full picture of Divinity with us. It has been created from the dust (false opinions) and cannot represent who we really are or what we are. These false sparks often lead to judgement of others and allow us to be gods over a kingdom where we believe good and evil exist for our sole purpose to sit in judgement. Creating a world for ourselves far more devious and complex than the one before with each judgement reaching out like tentacles touching those around us. A world of illusion based on hearsay, time honoured beliefs and simply false conclusions.

It is no surprise then that looking at Divinity from a human standpoint; Contemplation, (the pathway to God whom we call Love) as well as Love in its pure form and the spark of the Divine have all been categorised into three separate parts only accessible on a single basis, never together. This prevents us from accessing the fullness of Divine, the belief that Love is really here. It reduces Love down to academia only found here and there and looking through a mirror darkly, a thing called faith.

All religions and belief systems without fail call for oneness or unity. This is usually interpreted as a warning to beware of false idols, yet there is a deeper call here from the human mind, for wholeness and a unification of these bits of mind in order for humanity to be redeemed into something greater and bigger than simply “dust”. Many great mystics over the years interpreted the “fall” of Adam and Eve as a metaphor for the belief that man is now somehow separate from God, from Love.

How do we do that? The call of the human mind firstly is a bit of a trap, it is that voice which calls us away to search for meaning. To put it into a religious context it is the snake in the garden which tells us that “if we eat the fruit…..”. It is the archetype of the vampire, the people and ideas which often have tried to consume us with control and gluttony with a promise of eternal happiness at the end. We can also see and hear the same call in certain religious groups who ask us to forgive them for sins of the past, yet if forgiven would go on to do much worse than before.

The first point and the principle of beginning to explore Love is to realise that it is not an outside force which flashes light at us from time to time, it is a force inside of us, it IS us, we are it´s Divine Reflection. That is a very different identity from declaring the human mind as being on a pathway to salvation. In essence there is no human mind to redeem unless you believe that. The more you examine it, the greater it ´s cry for salvation and the more violent and confusing it becomes. A kingdom divided between good and evil polarities existing only because of our belief in them.

What if Contemplation allows us the realization of Love and in turn offers us the Divine spark to live in that way – to see Love in everything as a force from within being projected outward? A world transformed by Love is a world redeemed.

What if Contemplation, brings about the realization of Love in our life, resulting in a desire to do good for others, to live an abundant life where Love is present always – would we not choose that?

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