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Catholicism and Christian Science

Like most 19th Century Churches, Christian Science has been unwilling or unable to find any kind of tolerance or good within Catholicism. Part of the reason is because of the timeframe from which CS emerged. Catholicism in those days was not the Catholicism of today. It was before the modernisation of the Church in the 60s with Vatican II and indeed Vatican I had just ran from 1869-1870 with it´s best known decision to declare the Pope infallible. There were many reasons to dislike it in those days, both politically and socially.

Mary Baker Eddy made reference to the Catholic Church in her writings and at one point insisted that Catholics who wanted to join her Church should have a letter from the Catholic Church stating that they had formally left. It should not be a surprise since a group of nuns in Boston were routinely praying for her death according to biographer Robert Peel. She was clearly trying not to antagonise Church authorities. The Catholic Church in recent years have revoked their practice of allowing people to leave. The best chance you have is is to simply walk away – it is unlikely that anybody would even notice anyway. Mary Baker Eddy did not dislike Catholicism specifically, she had no time for any religious organisation where God was a controlled concept.

Branch Churches in CS have often been a little bit hysterical with the word Catholic. I can recall that in some branch Churches where I have visited in recent years I have been challenged directly “Are you or have you ever been Catholic”. Which is a bit of a strange question to ask a visitor. The problem of course is not a denominational one, there is nothing in the practice of metaphysics which allows anyone any kind of label other than spiritual, yet for some, the human mindset is retained as part of a larger conspiracy that Catholicism is the same as communism which is trying to destroy religious values. It seems that the word communism makes some people just as hysterical as Catholicism.

The daily practice of Christian Science is supposed to help us see God or as I prefer to call it “Love” as the only power in every situation. To bring that Love to what is presenting itself as evil or bad to dissolve these wrong ideas and to see that the only thing unfolding in any situation is Love. Remembering that God does not know the words Catholic, Christian Science, communism or even Church.

God, it is itself Love.

Once we mentally label something as good or bad we lower ourselves down to the idea that somehow God (Love) is not present and that we need to fight to get that Love around us by prejudging the meaning of the label that we have placed on someone´s head. Then follows a mental picture creating comments or debates about our own preconceptions. But surely if we believed that God is the only power present then we would not label people in the first place, we would realise that Catholicism and communism are simply projections of fear from ourselves. The small human mind.

What is perhaps more strange is that many people think there is some major conspiracy against religious values so they create this evil, label it, talk about it and then try to promote it. Then witch hunt – that a certain man is a communist (bad man) that a man is a catholic (bad man). Another one is “bad things are happening in Christian Science so it must have been infiltrated by Jesuits”. A view which other American Churches hold about their denomination too. If anyone has ever been inside the Jesuits or worked for them as I have, they would know just how laughable that view is.

I think part of the problem is that sometimes to “spiritualise” or affirm or simply imagine a person place or thing as being good is seen as a good way to deal with human problems amongst some people. Yet to see something as good rather than evil is not changing your viewpoint, it is simply swinging between the two poles of good and evil mentally. We need to really accept and believe that Love is with us here now and it knows no label! It is this realization which destroys any sense of evil. Not just imagining it. Academia is not enough.

There is one Divine Presence which exists and the government (define that as you want) is on it´s shoulders. We simply have to watch it working and bring it to our view daily and admit that Love is here as a very real entity. It doesn´t need any help from us in unfolding.

Have your heard Love today?

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