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The Problem With Churches

The problem with Churches is that they promote a belief in a concept of God. God is viewed as a figure distant or far away. An invisible man who decides whether to give you what you want.

Even those Churches which are set up to overcome this view, they are quickly overcome by this world view that man is inherently evil and supposedly born that way.

Mary Baker Eddy did not want to set up a Church. She had already dissolved 2 of her previous associations, being aware of the perils of lowering her view of God into an institution. Her idea was to give her teachings to existing Churches. Sadly, they were not ready to hear her.

Many great thinkers such as Ernest Holmes and Joel Goldsmith went through the same thing, Whether to launch their ideas as a Science or a Religion.

Yet, enlightened people can be found in all Churches and religions, people who are able to see past the rules. Let us stop trying to decide what religion or Church is right. Instead let us quieten our minds and hear that small voice, telling us the next act of Love we should perform. Sufi or Saint, Catholic or Jew, let us be silent for 5 minutes today.

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