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Outside of Time

Let us refer to God as Love.

If Love is infinite and exists outside of time then we can be assured that time itself is a human invention. Would it not then be pointless trying to convince Love by vocal prayer about an accident that happened yesterday and asking for healing today?

We are also told in most sacred religions that Love doesn’t change. It is constant. We therefore must commune with Infinity within, in order to change our view of whats happening outside of ourselves. In the car, street or at work we are supposed to be living in this Infinity, not at retreats, mountains or special centres.

Sometimes when we have all we need materially and enjoy good health we do not seek this quiet space.

Contemplation and meditation does not mean sitting on a mat cross legged and reciting mantras although that can take you to the gate of meditation, it does not actually take you to that other place. It simply prepares you for that event. We just need to create that sacred space where we can hear that still small voice.

Sitting quietly reflecting when you get up, or by simply pausing can get you there. “Where Love is, I am”. It just needs to be for a few minutes.

Love is in itself and has its own nature, we just need to relax in it, without demanding it to change to meet our needs. In this place there are no Catholics or Protestants, no Christians or Muslims, no good or bad, no judgement and we understand that the labels we place on people divides us. That is scary for some people, to discover we are more alike than different.

To do this, you dont have to become a monk or nun, you dont need to move into your local Buddhist monastery, you just need to allow a space for Realization to take place. It is actually so simple that we lose the idea of it by reading about it.

The words we hear when we do this for the first time are often the rules of our denomination or religion but with practice we can even take 30 seconds just to listen before giving answers.

Why is this not generally known?

I think it is but we have been too busy to hear it. Words alone point to academia and rarely take us deeper.

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