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The Problem of words like “God”

The problem of using the word “God” is that it reminds us of the God we were taught about as children, this all powerful guy who decides if he likes our behaviour. Then heaven and hell follows. This type of God is what atheists reject and who can blame them?

If God is “Love” and we are living It’s life, being in It, then immediately we can let go of some of our baggage and eye rolling when we here the word “God”.

We are working out of our wrong concept of the Divine, into a knowledge that we live in eternity (another uncomfortable word) rising to higher levels of humanhood as we experience it more, and continue on as humans even after death, working out our false belief in two powers good and evil in a process of Realization where there is one Power.

No one has ever taught us this and those pioneers who dared to voice it or set up Churches or groups have had their doctrines nailed down into institutional rules or washed away and classed as another new age doctrine.

Yet Spirit consciousness is still a presence going before us regardless of the name we put on it. If I call it Love Conciousness you will call me a hippie, if I call it Christ Conciousness you will call me New Age. If I call it Sufism you will call me Muslim. If I call it the Virgin Mary you will call me Catholic. If I call it feminine you will call me a heretic. If I call it masculine you will call me a misogynist and if I dare to see it in the same sex as myself you will call me Gay. In fact no matter what I call it, you will apply a label not to it, but to me. Even the words Christian Science are such a turn off and I’m using them less and less. Yet some people still need the rule book.

It is supposed that all religious texts have been coded with knowledge of this Conciousness but have given us a kind of human form of it or maybe it was lost in translation. Why did Jesus withdraw for 40 days…what was supposed to happen when prayer was offered 5 times a day….was it a call to meditate or was it to perform a ritual only? Some people, most likely the early teachers and students must have had some spark of the Divine.

In the past we needed organizational groups and these should be left for those who need them with their dogmas, names and rules. Yet we are all Realizing and as you are reading this it means you also are under some kind of Divine searching or calling.

Let us drop the names and rules and be still today to hear Love talk to us.

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