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Is Religion and Meditation the same?

Was religion simply an outgrowth of meditation?

It would seem that many religious ideas and beliefs cannot be taken literally. We see Catholics Muslims and Buddhists carrying beads and chanting their rosaries, and we see strange illusive ceremonies such as the Holy Mass, or Islamic Prayer which frankly to an onlooker seems very strange. Could it be that the original instructions for all of these things were not to cause a state of meditation but to bring us to a point where we could meditate if we chose to do so? In other words, to quieten our minds so we can hear Love speak to us?

Perhaps these things were meditative and somehow they lost their power as people became more educated.

We see something common amongst all the great sages, fasting from the world for 40 days or the ordinance of fasting given in many religions. Could it be that these different things that people do these days in the name of religious practice were at one time all meant to take us to a higher place or at least a place where we could find that higher place. But over time, they became reduced into dead rituals where God becomes like a super human deciding to throw us into heaven or hell?

Perhaps contemplation has been lost.

“Be still and know that I am God”.

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