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Kabbalah Symbols: Its All Coming Back To Me by Jim Steinman´s Group – Pandora´s Box

After a very long artistic opening lasting one moment, the scene shifts to a cemetery clearly representing symbolism for death and a woman called Pandora with a very large piece of metal sticking out from her neck (or is it simply hair) with stone Angels looking down from a tombstone above her.

The scene shows a flashing police light (sphere representing the mind of the cosmos) appearing and disappearing and a white horse (representing something bad which has befallen a person). The image of the sphere is further impressed by a man creating another sphere on the head of Pandora played by Elaine Caswell – again drawing parallels between our small minds and the Great Mind. This sphere is created by a snake, another symbol for the sphere – usually we see it in other places in a circle with its head and tail meeting, and appears again towards the end of the video as a crown for Pandora.

The motorcycle rests on two pillars which represents the two pillars Jachin and Boaz found in the Temple of Solomon. They also marked the passage towards the unknown and the otherworldly. In ancient Greece there were pillars also, known as the pillars of Hercules. This fits in with the Pandora Myth and as such the white horse could indeed also represent Pegasus from Greek Mythology.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the video is when we see two men and two woman who appear to be fighting. This represents the fight we all have between our masculine and feminine side for dominance both in our outward sexuality and in the Kabbalah where we strive to bring the two together for balance and unity. Karl Jung wrote extensively on this. One woman clearly wins which shows us God and Spirituality is ultimately feminine which must be embraced.

The dance clearly is the dance of life which we all have to go through.

There is much more symbology here but I´ve covered the main parts, if anyone knows who these actors are (they are all from London´s CATS production in the 1980s) – then please let me know.

Rest in Peace Jim.

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