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The Entity

One of the saddest things about modern day living is that we no longer have a language or indeed permission to talk about God as any kind of useful force. In the 1970s and 80s there were still people around from Victorian times but sadly they have all passed.  In the UK, talk of God, Bible or religion immediately means barriers,  insults or people simply responding with:

“I am not religious – sorry” and the subject is quickly changed”.

I have in the past responded with:

“I would like a moment to explain –  I likely don´t believe in the God you are rejecting either, I don´t mean a guy with a beard on a throne”

It is not that I´m out to convert anyone, its just that most of the people I come across in daily living are deeply unhappy, are in crisis of an existential nature and they have approached me for advice.  But religion is not on the menu as a solution – its more likely to have contributed to the cause.  The irony is that I never actually wanted to talk about religion anyway, but I did want to tell them about the Entity.

“The Entity” is my new way of discussing God. The word doesnt carry any baggage and can be used to describe different aspects of God´s being without eyes rolling. Yesterday, the subject of “evil” in the world came in conversation. We spoke about it for a moment and here is the transcript:

“bad people do bad things”

“no, people often have bad opinions thats all – its not evil exactly and technically its not really personal – it doesnt belong to anyone, its like a power which pervades humanity as a whole because it is believed in. .

“so you think there is no evil then?”

“yep – but you agree there is some kind of power in the universe?”

“yes – but it is neither good nor evil and it doesn´t do anything”

“Im OK with that – but as a power, it must do something”


“Well if its an Entity and just “is”  – it likely doesnt know anything of human experience – it only has knowledge of itself” – that would explain how evil in the world has nothing to do with it”.

“that sounds like something I could believe in but its not practical – that knowledge cant make me a better person but could explain an infinite existence”

“I believe you can interact with It via times of quiet and listening – that silent moment of nothingness brings you right to it. If it knows no humanity – there is no mind to beg it for things and even conscious mental argument is futile. “

“so who are we?”

“we live in the Entity – we ARE the Entity in the sense that we reflect its great power and theres no room for evil acts there except in your own small mind which thinks it runs everything”

“Doesn´t that seperate you from friends – if you think your existence is not in anyway physical? I mean that sounds like you don´t need anyone – only to know the Entity”

“Not really, we can see other people as affirmations of the presence of “the Entity and besides it also means we can redefine who we are”

“So we are living in a Mind greater than us but we dont know it or interact with it”

“Yes – kind of – we have a purpose to reflect its entire catalogue, that includes provision, love, goodness and Health – If we learn to trust it, it will enrich our lives and give us clarity about who we really are.”.










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  1. I recently offered 8 talks on the Bible, Entitled A life enriched through the Bible.
    No one came. I learnt so much from that experience. It blessed me. However it did leave a tinge of sadness that the book crosses everyone’s path at some point in life, yet no response came. As MBE said Science or suffering and its more that often through suffering we are brought back to our true selfhood.


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