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Letters from Mrs Eddy

I have been looking at Mrs Eddy´s letters on www.mbepapers.org .

I cant share letters from the site but one of them is dated 1880 from Asa Eddy and he begins by saying “As I took my pen to write I opened the Bible for you and opened to Psalms 22—22 I find the way of the Lord a lamp to my feet and hope these lines will find your path illuminated and the Divine Love leading you on from conquest to victory—. “

Mrs Eddy also had a habit of opening the Bible randomly for guidance. Does anyone else have experience of this, how do we read the bible in this way without interference from material situations and mortal mind?

1 thought on “Letters from Mrs Eddy”

  1. I do this constantly, as I was taught to do by my teacher during Class Instruction, and by her son, a devoted practitioner of C.S. Answers to questions, instructions, guidance, forgiveness, direction, the blessings never stop. And we can do the same with our Science and Health. They are both our Pastors.


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