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The  Rowan Tree (Castle Drive – 1983)

In the shade of Grandpa’s house

There stood a Rowan Tree

Where my Brother tried to climb

With Rosalyn and me


Every day my Grandpa came

Admired towering boughs

While we as children playing there

Saw darkened twigs and crows


shadows hung upon his life

With towering darkened power

Yet we as children plain could see

They were withering every hour


Its leaves held back the sunshine light

Its branches stern with years

Sitting with his chair and pipe

It calmed away his fears


Yet we as children playing in sight

Saw only twigs and leaves

Revealing more of sky to us

Than he could ever see


We pointed up at shafts of light

Throughout the darkened power

Whilst he preferred the shaded glade

To pass the wakened hour


We saw sun and endless days

Upon his chair he sat

Despite the passing years it stood

The tree was sound at heart


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