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Men In White

As the Pope visits Ireland and in the same week 12 nuns are arrested for abuse decades ago in Scotland.

When or how did we get into a situation where a man in white travels the world as royalty, speaking on behalf of God whilst young people are abused under his indirect care around the world, in what looks like a second holocaust? I think of India daily where people are not empowered, a place which I have no doubt is a haven of religious paedophilia. A story which is yet to come.

My opinion is that the view of God of people has been lowered so much that we now expect men to fulfil the role of bringing God into our lives. We often look to people like Trump, the Pope, Obama, Nuns to bring us God or at least a sense of morality. When they fail in that we then get upset and blame them because they are not perfect.

Yet it is us who vote for these people, who support them and go to see them. It is our mentality that puts them “up there”.

If we refuse to see the board of directors as authority, they will no longer have any tyranny over us. We will no longer run to them, to fix our issues, authorise literature or give us Practitioners, we will see God and Love and healing everywhere.

We can change the world, by changing our views, where and what God is.

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