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An Evening Prayer


Psalm 138 (139)
The Lord knows all things

Lord, you have examined me, you know me:
  you know when I sit down and when I rise.
From far away you know my thoughts:
  you know every step I take,
  when I walk, when I lie down:
  you have seen all that I do.
Before a word even reaches my lips,
  you know, Lord, all that I will say.
You are close in front of me and close behind me:
  you have laid your hand upon me.
Your knowledge is beyond my understanding:
  it is too high, I cannot reach it.
Where shall I go, to escape your spirit?
  Where shall I go, to flee your face?
If I rise to the heavens, you are there.
  If I sink to the depths, you are there.
If I put on the wings of the dawn itself –
  if I make my abode beyond the farthest sea –
  it is still your hand that will lead me there,
  it is still your right hand that will hold me.
If I say “May the shadows cover me:
  let there be no light around me” –
the shadows will not hide me from you,
  and the night will shine like the day:
for shadows and light are the same to you.

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