Fortune Telling: Debunked

Fortune Telling: Debunked

As humans, we hear what we want to hear, so even if I told you that you will get good news and bad news tomorrow, you likely will only hear the bad part, if it over shadows the good. Life is like that, we don´t see or hear anything objectively.

Tarot card reading operates on three levels:

  1. the Lowest Manifested World (Moral Duality reigns)

  2. the Existential world (Moral Duality meets the mental realms)

  3. the Cosmic world or Heaven (Moral Duality displaced)

Let me be clear, there is only in reality: the Cosmic, but we are dealing here not with stages of existence but stages of understanding about where you are currently in your thinking. The truth is though, you already have all that you seek and all that you need.

So, the first point we need to consider is your question in approaching the Tarot. Which of these three worlds are you asking from, if you keep the small minded desires in the first part, growing will be painfully slow.

Lets compare how to ask these questions in differing worlds:

  1. I want a new car?

  2. How can I get money to buy a new car?

  3. How does Absolute Reality provide for me?

  1. My child is sick – will he get better?

  2. what can be done to make the child better?

  3. Absolute reality can heal my child?

All three of these questions are valid but you are asking from different levels of understanding. To get “higher” in your understanding or to use the Tarot effectively, it is very important that you meditate on this point. A good tarot reader should be able to lift your thinking to point three by asking you probing questions about why you are there. He should also be looking to displace any idea of jealousy and root causes of desire.

The problem we have is that many Tarot readers still have the draped curtains the crystal ball and seek a sense of mystery about the cards, by wrapping them in silk and opening hand carved boxes. This creates an ambience of mystery where you feel you are in a situation beyond your thinking. It is not helpful. It also greatly limits the Tarot Card Reader´s work to nothing more than superstition. The ambience is all about the reader in that case, not you.

When you use the bathroom mirror, is it normal to cover it with silk and then remove it to use it? Of course not, so why do you need to wrap the cards in silk and follow silly superstitions about being given cards as a gift, rather than buying them alone. We need to deal with truth, not falsity.

The cards are purely sacramental in their way to bring you to Divinity, however even without cards, a good reader should be able to read the world around himself, or even the backs of cards without looking at them to know exactly what is happening in your questions. We will discuss this more in the second half of the book where we examine the practical ways to use Tarot.

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