Masculine and Feminine Duality

Masculine and Feminine Duality

The Masculine and Feminine Duality has been there since Man became aware of himself. There are many myths not only about Creation but also about Adam and Eve. It is not my intention to go into those here. My personal feeling is that these myths exist to show us as metaphors certain meanings but do not exist as truthful stories themselves. This may well separate me from other Kabbalistic writers, however I do not define myself purely by Kabbalah tradition.

This Duality is not necessarily a bad thing, it has served as a provision for humanity for many centuries but clearly we are reaching a point where we look to this Duality in the mental realm rather than the physical one. We are beginning to see each other in higher terms, in the Existential World (already defined), Evidence of this exists not only in those who are transgendered but also in who we are attracted to, we are now looking for masculine and feminine energies within each other instead of physical masculine and feminine bodies. I predict that in the coming centuries we will be defining ourselves as Spiritual and our being will be completely intact with a comfort of both Masculine and Feminine Duality. How that will look physically, if we still retain a physical body remains to be seen.

I think we have still a journey to make away from beauty and fame which are still regarded as positive attributes, but yet these can never compete with intellect and other tones which we tend to categorise as gender.

How can the Tarot help with this? In part two of this book we will talk about the Kabbalah and how the Tarot is another pictorial system of the different branches of the tree like diagram of the Kabbalah system. Energy or “light” in this system comes from the top to certain centres of consciousness and these centres receive as well as give to other centres . It is this which we define mentally as masculine and feminine qualities although the reality is, we are, as we have always been without gender. It only exists in the First World and the Second and begins to disappear after that as we see ourselves as we really are.

Duality is one issue the Tarot helps to heal as this issue of division raises another point of Moral Duality: about being different from one´s neighbour and as such views like women´s rights on one hand and hyper masculinity on the other are each battling mentally to hold on to one´s physical identity and respect for that identity.

Nationalism and the other types of discrimination we held in the past are all vanishing with globalisation it is therefore right to assume that it is only a matter of time before our gender or our feelings about gender vanish first to create a harmonious being contented with the sexuality, physicality and masculine and feminine energies of ourselves and another which flow through each of us. We have many barriers to pass through before this is declared. The raising of our consciousness cannot be stopped and in these final hours we can usher in the new dawn by rising up to Love in its whole sense, by dealing with the Moral Duality which threatens us by dividing us physically mentally and morally.

We are ONE with each other and we need to work that out with ourselves and others by breaking down ego, sexuality, gender, feelings and particularly this mesmeric evil which pervades us daily by trying to raise differences between us.

This oneness is Absolute Reality´s reflection it is not “reflections” it is “reflection” and this bonds us to each other mentally. We are made to reflect Love. We can do nothing more. Any opinion arguing its way in which is not Love is illusionary and needs to be removed from our thinking.

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