Tarotgenical View of Desire

The Tarotgenical View of Desire

Why do we go to Tarot readers? What is it that they offer which we can´t get for ourselves? What if we had an absolute faith that all things were possible to a Higher Power (call it what you like, God, Father Mother, Krishna, we will call it “Absolute Reality”). Can we just ask? I can tell you that your thoughts are already known without you having to voice them audibly to a God or Priest. Or even a Tarot Card reader. Desire is indeed prayer but not in the begging or pleading sense. This is the beginning of knowledge of the Tarot, that whatever you need will be shown to you. It must be remembered though that the Absolute Reality in operation behind the cards does not see time, place, belongings etc. The starting point of Absolute Reality is Absolute Reality. It sees you as its reflection, the perfect being, loved and provided for. It recognises neither lack nor loss, for these are simply illusionary and unknown to perfection. The system is spiritual and has nothing to do with our earthly existence which is on the most part illusionary. It sees reality and therefore has a better idea of what you need, than you do. By declaring Truth, such as “there is no evil” it immediately starts to work through the common mundane problems which you might face. Also by declaring that “Love” starts with unselfish service to another immediately cuts through that loneliness of waiting for “the one” to come and save you. This means that the questions you pose will not be answered in the same level you ask, the answer comes from seeing the bigger picture. So, questions relating to the bigger picture will yield better more understandable results. The actual practice of how you need to interact with the cards comes later in this book. But essentially, the bigger the question, the more clarity that comes.

The cards also remind us that every material pleasure must ultimately yield to a higher self, away and free from material thinking, giving rise to an existence which has no beginning or end as it has no trappings of time. It calls us to look at the affections of our hearts and to listen patiently.

Desire affects all people – it is not an individual desire. The cards (or rather the Power behind them) tell us that Man is defined as one thing, one reflection, we can never be separated from others for we are all “One”. The issue we have with that is that we don´t believe it. Instead we categorize and separate ourselves based on character.

If we could become conscious of what is behind the cards and how they operate even for a moment then we would quickly see what we are: then we would not be asking questions about material love, cars, possessions and other things which we “ask amiss”. The cards cannot give you answers to what they cannot see or know. If we want to be Biblical about it then I can say “God is of too pure eyes, to behold evil” which is a scripture contained in the Bible.

Blind belief is no longer an excuse to not take responsibility for one´s life. “My shrink said this….” “My Psychiatrist said that…….” “My tarot reader said…..” are simply different ways of shifting responsibility and refusing to acknowledge the truth about yourself and the power behind the cards which brings good and power and love to your life at every moment. The best thing you can do for yourself is to see yourself as you are seen by Absolute Reality, a pure creature, perfect, loving, fulfilled at every moment. You can frame that whatever way you want, but the cards move you “up” to that understanding not down.

So to summarize: The cards can only speak good, loving, affirmative views of you and your future for you are the reflection of God or as we prefer to call it here the “Absolute Reality” as we all are. If someone tells you “there will be a death” without transforming that thought into something positive, then you should know that you are likely wasting your time with sensationalism and a bad Tarot Card reader.

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