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How does Tarotgenics Differ From Usual Tarot Card Understanding?

How does Tarotgenics Differ From  Usual Tarot Card Understanding

Tarotgenics puts forward the following theories:

  1. The cards can be used as a way to communicate with Divinity which in this book is called “Absolute Reality”.

  2. That same Absolute Reality does not and cannot perceive evil or material living and is completely Spiritual seeing only Reality. Therefore material living is defined as entirely illusionary and hypnotic: Believing in an operational force other than Absolute Reality which does not exist. This non existence in this book is termed “Moral Duality” and in general terms is referred to as fake or evil coming from nothingness.

  3. The cards are where our small mindedness, speaking from a place of illusion meets Reality. A place where our fears are dissolved as we realize that we have been believing in Moral Duality about our situation which we bring to the cards. Leaving with our belief about the situation changed which in turn changes the situation.

  4. Whilst patterns of the enfoldment of Good is our lives can be seen in these cards: any day-to-day fortune telling including projections of time, romantic love, what to buy and what to wear are simple mind reading tricks which do not represent Absolute Reality. They form part of Moral Duality which does not exist but which many people believe and have faith in, giving it supernatural as well as material reality.  However by trusting Absolute Reality, it becomes possible to understand and to see the Real compared to the false, This is often mistaken for fortune telling in the greater sense.

  5. Absolute Reality is outside of all space and all time, learning to trust this force Daily in your life ultimately raises your consciousness to a level of understanding about how and what it is.

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