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Introduction to Tarotgenics

This is taken from my book called “Tarotgenics” which I am currently writing, you can find it in the “My writings” section of the site.

It was never my intention to write a spiritual book on the tarot and to make it available for everyone. Initially I had the idea to offer it only to Gay people and call it “Tarot for Gay People”. As Tarot is often linked with Duality between the male and female polarities and indeed demonised by some using the dual morality of good and evil, it seemed right that this marginalised group of society may embrace it as a workable pathway of exploring consciousness. In order to solve the age old question about fitting into the male or female system of Duality. It is this Duality as well as others such as the theological Duality of “good” and “evil” that will be addressed in this system.

After all, it is known that Gay people have been forced to become open-minded as perhaps everyone should be on the subject of Religion. A group which seeks to be understood and searches so much for expression and unity of the two conflicts inside. Gay people even today are often shunned into obscurity except on Pride weekend and are simply not welcome at most conservative churches, at least in most parts of the world, I felt that by giving this book to everyone, it may in its own way be a statement of Love, removing all Duality and offered to those who want to connect with Love. I also felt that by only making this booklet available to a small part of the population, I too would have been guilty of the very thing this book sets to correct: Duality.

As Christianity disappears from our shores, at least here in Europe, the question remains about what will take its place. Will it be simply morals of good and bad? For literally the last thousands of years we have been taught that there is an absolute good and an absolute evil (termed Moral Duality in this book), a teaching which has caused not only wars but opinions which have ripped families apart due to differing ideas. Instead of “agreeing to disagree” we cried “witch” in the 15th century which sent hundreds of people to death. More recently in the 19th Century, we cried “Catholic” and families were split apart with religious divide. Next the Bible was used to kill or imprison people because of a lack of morals and we shouted “prostitute” even though the people shouting were just as guilty by using them. Fast forward to the 1960s and the word was “Gay” and many people were tortured, denied health benefits and were forced to undergo electric shocks to the mind to avoid this “evil”.

I would really love to say that the world has moved on since then, but sadly that is not the case. Today the latest word is “Islam” and another group is barred from entering another country or treated like lepers because of the trial by media: “evil and “good”.

What I am offering here in this book is a system of “good” which seeks to repair Duality. Moral Duality is the terrible conflict caused by our own thinking about another person or thing based on that ultimate opinion there is a “good” and an “evil” both with their separate sources. By repairing this opinion and realising there is actually only “good” we are free to explore each others minds in a way that we can express “Spirit” in our lives.

Finally I need to say that this book does not mean to discredit or disempower Christianity in any way. Religion has been widely abused by Priests and others who have disused it but in the words of Lucy Larcom I can honestly say:

The religion of our fathers overhung us children like the shadow of a mighty tree against the trunk of which we rested, while we looked up in wonder through the great boughs that half hid and half revealed the sky. Some of the boughs were already decaying, so that perhaps we began to see a little more of the sky than our elders; but the tree was sound at its heart”.

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