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What Is The Tarot?

Taken from my draft book “tarotgenics” which you can read on this site free.

Many people will be quick to affirm what you have already heard about Tarot, adjectives such as mysterious, prophetic, supernatural, demonic, ancient, helpful, scary, affirming etc. and the list goes on. The Tarot means something different to everyone and I have no intention of challenging anyone who says the packs are numbered incorrectly, the Tarot came from the devil or that they represent something darker in the thinking of humanity. Each of us is free to think what we want.

The fact is that the Tarot means something different to everyone and these are all based around where the Tarot came from. I have no interest in where the Tarot came from as much as “where it´s actually going”

The Tarot is a system of mathematics, art, science and language which has been combined into a system enabling one´s consciousness to be explored. Now at this point, I really must point out the painfully obvious, by way of a true story. When I was 3-4 years old, I had a childhood friend, her name was Eileen and we used to sit on the grass and talk for long summer afternoons in South West Scotland. One “game” which we had, was to sit and look up at the blue sky and watch the clouds go by. The clouds, at least in our minds represented all kinds of shapes and sometimes we could see animals or faces of people. When a plane passed over we always used to shout “Frankenstein!” and quickly put our heads down or ran to the safety of the trees hoping he would not see us. Eileen died when I was 5 years old but I often remember these games we played. As an adult I now realize that when we saw both the “good” animals in the clouds and the “bad” Frankenstein, we were genuinely moved by emotion, I mean I still remember the fear that came with thinking I was in danger when a plane passed over So to use a proverb “Nothing is good or bad except your thinking makes it so”. The good and the bad were nothing more than my imagination. Both, however comforting or scary were unreal.

I mention this example because many people seem to believe that the images in Tarot actually represent real things either on the card or an image in the mind like situations, people and places. It must be understood that if the Tarot is viewed in this way, you are simply bringing your imagination to life and you could harm yourself by believing in places and situations as either you would like them to be or worse still what you think they are based on your own moral standards of good or bad.

In this book, the opinion is put forward that Tarot is a genuine tool to look at your consciousness. The idea is examined that Tarot firstly represents an Absolute Reality which some prefer to call Spirit or God and that the cards are where your ego or mind encounter that ultimate force of Good. Secondly that this Power cannot perceive material things like your next lover, car, bank account or job because these things are illusionary and do not exist in Reality. Thirdly, the cards and the people using them do not have any special skill or power, but the reader needs to be able to unmask “Moral Duality” which is defined as the idea that there is some opposing force called evil which is stopping you moving forward. By removing your belief in this force, you are then able to see yourself and your situation in a healthier way. Part two of this book has practical exercises to help you see yourself as Absolute Reality sees you, that is as its reflection, reflecting goodness, joy and power, helping you to see past the mesmeric effects of what you are told by both the media and the ideas which are given to you by others, usually unintentionally. This leads to better health, better relationships and creates a spirituality between you and Absolute Reality, where you understand what God is, and understand your identity better. This will undoubtedly mean better physical health also as this is also part of the hypnotic state of life and death which declares our lives are only skull and bone of less than 100 years. It creates a consciousness of an eternal existence

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