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Tarot – Moving Again

For many years, the Tarot was shielded in mystery and belonged to the realm of the supernatural as it was understood by only a few. As it encountered the 20th century, it moved away from the world of legend into the hands of Psychology and into the realms of Art, much like foklore. It was one of the few tools which could connect the two sides, the mind and creativity.

As quantum physics has progressed and makes new discoveries in the 21st Century, links are being made between science and mysticism.

We now understand more about the mind than ever before, we have discovered that thinking is projected outside and creates our own realities and belief systems to infinite capacities.

The Tarot, used as an ever present tool for consciousness exploration can serve us to know Absolute Reality better, if we allow it.

Taken from the book “Tarotgenics” a draft book which you can find free on this site.

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