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One thing which many people comment on is the “Christian” bit of Christian Science. Few people seem able to overlook the label to feel comfortable with it.

I want to take a moment to explain more about this.

Mary Baker Eddy’s writings talk a lot about Principle. It is this which lays the foundation for any new discovery in life. For example, a business man has principles within which he works, it is a guide for him. These principles also tell him when things go well and not so well as he measures himself and his business according to them. Actually anything which is used to measure a like or how well a thing works is a principle.

The Principle can also he tested to ensure something workable.

The Principle of Mrs Eddy’s idea was Christianity. Early editions of the textbook has qoutes from the Koran, Hindu philosophy and others. But slowly what appeared was shaped into Christianity. Evidences of healings then are lined up as Christian.

The problem is not so much about principles but more about standing on a shakey platform trying to demonstrate the Science. There needs to be a firm starting point. Christianity gives infinite ideas and simply put from stories in the Bible.

This is not to say Christianity is the only platform, in Mrs Eddy’s time one or two of her students left and developed their own systems. Taking the Science to the Jews by rewriting the textbook, and others who wanted wider platforms to work with.

As the denomination or “club” of christian science in the shape of the mother church holds the entire archive of her writings, we tend to view it as a Church to join or not and often the principle becomes the organisation and the two are confused. The work has been done. But we should not look to an Institution to define our own Principles, we should simply define our own and stand by them, testing them.

My personal feeling is that the three Ibrahamic religions allow ample definition of principle to work with. Particularly the idea of “one God” But we need to be clear on our starting point. This defines the entire system. These days there is so much nonesense in the new age movement, it is too restrictive to work with.

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