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Enemies of the People?

When Trump called the media. “enemies of the people” he immediately brought forward this dualistic belief that some things are “good” whilst others are “evil” or “enemies”.

We can also see this in his Immigration Policy where certain “Islamic countries” are “bad”. His predecessor defined an area he called “the axis of evil”.

Its difficult to believe that despite progress, we are still using words like this, not only personally but politically in the 21st century and that real war remains likely and entirely possible, fuelled by a very outdated idea that “evil” is amongst us and needs to be destroyed. Something we inherited from our religious forefathers. A very wrong idea about life.

This idea of an existence of “bad” or “evil” things shows his low level thinking and lack of knowledge about principled living. Our thinking about the world and others can go no higher than the truth we hold about life,existence and ourselves.

It is not only Trump who holds this idea, we see it in most conservative religious groups who practice shunning. It is incredibly dangerous because it means we are only one step way from witch hunting. It looks to me that he would be very happy to reintroduce witchcraft and then attack everything which he doesn’t like or understand.

Whatever our circumstances and whoever we dont like, we must seperate the person or thing from his wrong opinion. Otherwise mentally we also condemn others. The mental effects of bad thinking is what creates this dual world of good and evil.

Lets not buy into hysteria, the principles of both Trump and the media need to be taken higher but decrying them as enemies will only make things worse.

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