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A Church in Scotland

The service was led by Reverend Janette Black.

Whilst well meaning, she reminded us that we all have limitations and then went on to say how we should embrace those limitations to know God better. Wrapping up with the idea that we are not all supposed to be “engineers”. (I have no idea where she picked that particular profession from).

It would explain why the place was empty as well as why Church is a turn off for most. Presbyterian thinking is known for this embodiment of suffering which you are supposed to just live with. Who would anyone pay/donate money to hear that? A dogma which says “are you downtrodden? Good and don’t try to get up because thats where your God wants you, to find a gift for him”.

If Presbyterian thinking can overlook the first five books of the New Testament and the beautiful healings and miracles of Jesus, then I can overlook and refute the weird Presbyterian doctrine of suffering being God’s plan for me. This type of imposition of thinking upon another person is mesmeric hypnotic and disgraceful. It traps people in disease and leads them to death by something akin to 16th century witchcraft trials. (for which presbyterian thinking was also responsible).

For me, God removes any limitations I have and encourages me to be better. I don’t think religion can be used as an excuse not to search desperately to know God better. God makes us better, not worse.

One lady who refused to lie down to her situation was Mary Baker Eddy. Completely dissatisfied with poor health and the religion of the day which taught similiar things to my experience above, she went on a search to find God. Was cured almost at the point of death and went to to teach us about the dangers of negative thinking about ourselves and others.

We don’t have to accept other people’s opinions about our spirituality, health or indeed anything, just because they wear a collar of religion or white medical coat.

You and your relationship with God can only be “good” loving, pure and healing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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