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Why your belief in duality will ultimately kill you

Let´s first of all define what I mean by “Duality”

I mean that any belief in a “good” power and a “bad” power, good/evil, right/wrong or indeed any power other than the ultimate source of all Good which we will call “God” for the purposes of this post.

As the media as well as  the UK and American  Governments take us into a place of mind that Christianity (perceived as white people) is good and Islam (perceived as brown foreign people) is dangerous, we are entering a new phase of thinking, something which the world has not seen from a political entity since the time of the crusades.  It is not only backward, politically incorrect and matching all stereotypes of the last 100 years at least, it is extremely damaging spiritually, for it raises this issue that evil is “a force” which exists among us. (you would think we would have dealt with this before the 21st century)  In  that state of mind, all religious extremists on both sides of the fence immediately declare the other “bad”, This could result in war, perhaps one of the bloodiest the world has seen.

The problem of defining evil as a race or country means that we are leaving God/Spirit/Love  out of the picture.  This is turn means that we,  (as in the little mind) are using a starting point of ourselves  to define what is good and bad. This mindset is something which has existed in Christianity and Islam since these religions were discovered.  Despite the years passing, we still live in this world of “Good and bad”, pushed forward by white conservative Americans who got it from puritanical British Immigrants. Even those who claim to be “Spiritual” still shudder at words like “Islam” because they honestly believe that America is a “Christian” Country and an evil force can threaten it.  It is these labels which need to be removed if any progress is to made. Imagine if we replaced words like “Christian” and “Muslim”. For one thing it makes us feel much more comfortable in dealing with the issue. These words have been demonized for centuries on both sides. Even without them, a belief in dualism means we would demonize something else, tobacco, alcohol or strawberry ice cream. More than likely individual people would be a bigger target.

The Islamic world blames “The West” and capitalism for many problems in the word today, where as “The West” blames “rogue states”  on certain points.

A headline from the BBC today clarifies my point:

The Nigerian imam who saved Christians from Muslim gunmen

Now imagine if that story read

“Nigerian Man saves Others from Gunman”

we would no longer be shocked at the religious context, we would instead be shocked at the fact that a Nigerian could help someone. If the headline read:

“Man saves others from gunman”

This story would be more truthful and  palatable and would  have a clear spiritual context with or without a religious context.

From a practical point of view, what can a person do to bring about an end to this duality. Well we don´t have to rewrite religious texts or grapple with theology (although some of us might) we simply have to consider that,  whatever excludes people based on physical characteristics such as outward labels, skin colour, gender etc cannot be a good thing.  This in turn takes us back to what evil actually is. If it needs to be defined at all, perhaps it is simply our little minds making assumptions from headlines like my example above and coming up with words like good and bad.

There are three planes to think of here:

  1. The basic material plane of Church and Mosque where people meet
  2. The psychological plane of our thinking about these places, and
  3. The higher Cosmic plane where Church and Mosque are no longer seen as places, but a state of mind expressing non duality and Love.

The issues which are coming up here from our Governments need to be dealt with on the first two planes as on the third everything is perfectly intact.

If you are interested in using ideas to bring communities together on the basic material consciousness with a view to raising it up to something more metaphysical , I suggest setting up a peace circle and using the book of Psalms which is recognized both in Islam and Christianity for study to find common themes. Long term though, unless we can overlook religious difference by finding dialogue in Good somehow, the issue is set to get worse.

Dropping a dualistic belief is not easy, our forefathers routinely encouraged a belief in evil to explain away things they could not understand like death, murder and other social problems of the day. Today we also find this difficult but it is imperative that we look at it.  It does not mean we have to ignore what seems to be unjust acts, but it does mean we need to view them using “a bigger picture” than good/bad.  Progress has been made in differing Christian sects as well as within mainly Sufi Islamic circles.  Ultimately though, if we don´t drop this duality, both individually and collectively, the future may become uncomfortable for all of us.





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